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Relationship between Aquarius B and Aquarius B

Attracting Problems

Best at : Work

Worst at : Marriage

For people who like things nice and easy, these two surely attract their share of problems. Part of the explanation for this is the tendency of Aquarius II''s to summon up elements of their own shadow side in their surroundings—a tendency that this relationship amplifies. The couple''s difficulties are related to their need to attract attention, for along with that attention their relationship is likely to pull in all kinds of potentially debilitating energies. It usually favors two alternatives: first, to carry on with its impulse to stay in the limelight; second, to withdraw to a safer position, a choice that sometimes even demands that the partners split up and go their separate ways, like fugitives in the night. In either case the relationship is being driven by its need for attention within its social, family or professional worlds. Were this desire scaled back to a reasonable level, the alternatives faced in the relationship would be less problematic.
Friends, lovers and family members in this combination are all too likely to attract hangers-on who want to get emotionally involved with them. Arousing these parasitic tendencies in others can become a real problem for Aquarius [Y$, and in extreme cases can weaken or even destroy their bond. Should the relationship survive this subtle onslaught, on the other hand, it will emerge chastened, wiser and certainly better able to cope with these problems—often self-induced—in the future.
In professional settings these two are most comfortable with a low-key approach. By not taking on too many responsibilities, they can discharge those they do shoulder in a relaxed and efficient way, and can also implement their often brilliant ideas without arousing undue animosity or resistance. On the other hand, marriages of Aquarius Us are quite likely to arouse jealousies and dislikes in other people because of their often elitist and high-flown manner. These couples'' superior attitudes, and their transparent efforts to rise to the top of the social ladder, will make life difficult for them and for their children.

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Scale back your need for attention. Be more prudent about whom you associate with. Don''t be tripped up by your own conceit.

In Association with :

The secret language of relationships
Gary Goldscneider and Joost Elffers

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