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Relationship between Tauras B and Tauras B

A Real Education

Best at : Marriage

Worst at : Love

Frequent themes here, not surprisingly, will be learning and education Since Taurus IIs are not only teachers but good students, this relationship may place one of the partners in the former role other in the latter. These roles may quickly reverse: Taurus II parents, aunts or uncles may see selves as mentors to a Taurus II child until one day it becomes obvious that they are ones who an learning most in this relationship. These two can be expected to share an enthusiasm for physical activities well as for mental ones.
Love relationships and friendships between these two may not be successful. Taurus II''s are usually to those unlike themselves, taking a special (but not exclusive) interest in anyone they consider disadvantaged; they are likely to be bored with someone resembling them, such as another Taurus II. Should they proceed to marry, the results can be quite productive: nurturing qualities are high here, favoring not only children but pets and gardening, and the marriage is also likely to include a deep interest in intellectual, at and creative activities (notably dance and music). But it is also likely to have a critical, at times irritating tone. Domestic responsibilities may have to be carefully shared and assigned, for Taurus II''s are rarely much interested in housework. And although they love to their offspring, their highly moral side is accentuated here, resulting at times in overly strict rules and attitudes that may inadvertently inculcate guilt and young ones. The frictions of a marriage like this one can escalate into open warfare, and once such erupt, their aftermath may trouble the landscape of the relationship for weeks or even months. There is, however, an arena in which these aggressive feelings can often be worked out: the bedroom. Both partners equally frank and open in their approach to sex. Taurus II entrepreneurial and organizational skills can this relationship indispensable to a business or family project. Once such a project is finished, how should not be assumed that these two efficient individuals can continue to work together harmoniously.

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Ease up in your criticism. Teaching and learning are two sides of the same a Don''t point the blame. Be ethical and moral hut not overly so. Lessen tensions.

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The secret language of relationships
Gary Goldscneider and Joost Elffers

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