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Relationship between Tauras-Gemini Cusp and Tauras-Gemini Cusp

Short Circuits

Best at : Marriage

Worst at : Family

No lack of energy here! The question is, will lines of communication become frazzled? Will the relationship burn itself out? Whether energies are flowing in the right direction or not, short circuits may demand that these two take periodic breaks from each other while fuses are replaced. Luckily, blowouts due to power surges, which occur even in the most successful of this combination''s scenarios, benefit from [he relationship''s built-in circuit breakers, safety valves that automatically spring into action when the juice gets 100 hot to handle. Such devices are, however, built up over many years, through experience, patience, trust and understanding.
Taurus-Geminis have difficulty remaining in each other''s presence for too long. They may take a look, out of curiosity, and then leave in short order. Relationships involving firm commitment, like those in the marital and work spheres, are likely to work out better than friendships and love relationships, which lend to be ephemeral—simply because they can be. A love affair or friendship between Taurus-Geminis can be sweet but fleeting. A memory or two is about all that the partners can hope to carry away with them. Hurtful or resentful attitudes will rarely have time to develop.
When marriages between Taurus-Geminis are successful, they can be combined easily and well with working relationships. Here energies coalesce in a total involvement that keeps partners busy twenty-four hours a day tending to domestic and career matters. Curiously, this is a commitment not so much to each other as to common activities. Taurus-Geminis too often resemble people less than forces that get things done. This unusual couple, then, will have to make an effort to clear free time to explore personal realms together.
Should two Taurus-Gemini children be siblings, the family should prepare for the worst. Rarely will others be ready to handle this level of noise (both verbal and physical) and need for attention. Parent-child relationships between two Taurus-Geminis are likely to be filled with miscommunication, which, like static, will tend to annoy others.

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Try to limit your contacts. Understanding may take a longtime. Don''t give up. Structure your relationship around common activities.

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The secret language of relationships
Gary Goldscneider and Joost Elffers

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