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Relationship between Scorpio A and Scorpio A

Compromises for Sanity

Best at : Marriage

Worst at : Work

This intense match up cries out for relief—how can these two possibly live under the same roof or work side by side? The key to the relationship''s success may be a concerted effort by the partners to manage their defining characteristic their intensity. They will periodically have to call a truce or give some priority to relaxation. In certain areas at certain times, their unstoppable energies will meld efficiently. At other times the partners can easily work to their own detriment, even careening out of control. They both occasionally need to let up in their attentiveness to detail and to try to see. The larger picture. A recurring problem here is a tendency to fixate on an unpleasant event in the past, an absorbing one in the present or a dreaded one in the future, and to be unable to let go of it.
Sexually the relationship can be obsessive. Sometimes more concerned with performance and technical criteria than with enjoyment and pleasure, Scorpio I couples can plague each other with checklists. ''''Did you?" "Didn''t you?” These are the kinds of questions that the lovers might ask, or at least think about, each time Each of them can take it as their responsibility alone to bring satisfaction to the other, and when this doesn''t happen they can assume it is their fault. Guilty, frustrated feelings often result. Marriages are likely to be no less demanding sexually. A tight ship is similarly the rule in domestic areas and finance, but here certain compromises can be worked out for the sake of sanity.
Friendships in this combination are likely to have an aggressiveness best worked out in sports, competitive games, fitness training or martial arts. In the family, a Scorpio I parent can be competitive with a Scorpio I child, whether for the attention of another family member or simply to gain physical or mental ascendancy. It can be a bad idea for two Scorpio Is to work in the same office or small group, since the tension of their energy can easily spread to other co-workers.

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Take a break from other people''s demands. Empty your mind. Let yourself be bored occasionally. Work on accepting what fate dishes out.

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The secret language of relationships
Gary Goldscneider and Joost Elffers

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