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Tarot Card - Tarot Card Readings
Tarot Reading - An Introduction

Tarot reading considered a popular modern day offshoot of astrology in fact dates back to the early 14th century. The idea of tarot cards is said to have originated in ancient Egypt and traveled to Europe through the ‘Gypsies’. The church condemned the cards as they were said to preserve ancient religious systems and knowledge, posing a challenge to the established catholic dogma.

Tarot cards have seemingly innocent and simple illustrations carrying hidden meanings which reveal human psychology and spiritual experiences. The cards represent themes varying from Egyptian, Celtic to Native American and Feminist. The images have a meaningful pattern that reflect or provide answers to issues confronted by the individual.  Tarot cards are a set of 78 cards representing psychological archetypes with ancient roots. The allegorical illustrations on the cards are didactic in nature representing a course in personal development and a source of divination which illuminates the inner struggle faced by a person.

Tarot will also help you make better decisions around the kinds of problems that logic can't handle. When you receive a reading, the meanings of the cards you get will stimulate insights into whatever situation or relationship was on your mind when you picked your cards. A sincere effort to read between the lines brings out the wisdom you need from inside of you where it resided all along. Try a reading about something on your mind or someone you care about -- you will be surprised at what you discover!The Tarot is an ancient meditative discipline by which one can gain access to higher levels of consciousness. The mystical Tarot cards combine astrology, numerology, symbology and the occult to reveal insights into the past, present and future. The Tarot cards can be used for divination, therapy, mirroring and counselling. A Tarot reading or consultation can be a rewarding, strengthening and transforming experience.

A series of universal images represented in pictures, form a summary of all knowledge, ancient energies, teachings and wisdom of the sages in the Tarot cards.

There are usually 78 cards in the Tarot pack which are divided into two----- the major and minor arcana. The major arcana cards symbolise the elements, planets and zodiac signs. The royalty cards in each of the four suits are the Knight, Queen, Prince and Princess and they symbolise people, characteristics and qualities. The minor arcana are presented in four suits from one to ten and they are Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles which express spiritual, emotional, mental and physical energies in that order. There are special ancient layouts that reveal different aspects in their set placements. Other mysteries are revealed through meditative and intuitive interpretations and readings of the Tarot Cards.
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