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What people say about us

     Mrs Sandhya Shinde
After meeting panditji I felt very peaceful and happy. 25/10/2018
Today you were so clear in your words, keep it up. Good work. I enjoyed your programme. I am a very straightforward lady. I dont have many friends , I dont care but I will alway be frank and true. I am watching your program from UAE.
 Jigna Patel ( USA )
I am very rhankful to guruji. He predict me for divorce case. today on Thursday I get divorce .now I want to ask you about my future such as financial status .when my good time come. and can he give me money as he promised under court order. should I live by muself. Again thankyou so much for give me moral support, 11th November 2016
 l. T. Thakker
It has been God’s will by virtue of which I met Shree Panditji and there came the voice of Shree Bhagwan Kalki that now onwards Panditji will be your charioteer as he is for many. Believe me I have nominated him. You must believe that he represents me for you and others too. I am form less but I have appeared here in the form Kalki and I am so happy with him since he talks to me every day and I know him and his existence for the good so many lives. Date : 2/5/2005
 Mr. Anil Garg
It was a great experience meeting him. He gave us total time and we were relieved of our tensions by just talking to him. He has suggested us some things which we will definitely do and follow him all our life. 03/12/2018
 Shweta Patel from USA
Hello Panditji!!! I and my family just wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate you for your several predictions lately that have come to fruitation. Staying in US we don't get to see your show on air but due to your staff and internet we get to watch your show. It's surprising and unbelievable how accurate you are about the market and the elections. Just hoping the predictions you've made for me and my family happens as well. Keeping the hope and faith. Once again congratulations and keep up the good work. Dated 3 Nov 2015
 Vishaakha sandip gaayakavaad
Aadaraneey Gurujee pranaam kal aapase milakar bahot khushee milee! aapane kiya hua anamol maargadarshan evan mujhamen badhaaya hua aatmavishvaas mujhe jaroor kaamayaabee dega! Aapane mera hausala or ummeed badhaee hai! Aapaka aashirvaad hamesha praapt hota rahe yaheen eeshrvar se dilase meree praarthana hai!!! Aapaka bahot bahot dhanyavaad gurujee!!! Vishaakha Sandip Gaikwad Pune.
 Vishal Beswal
Panditji have some divine power. His predictions always come true. Whenever I meet him or spoke to him get energy and positivity. He is very polite and soft spoken also and gives positivity that also encourages. I have met so many astrology but his is special. God Bless him 22/12/2018
 Vishnu Doshi
pandit ji the god the perfect reading the best personality at first visiting very relax and get positive directive 14th November 2016
Aakash Godbole
It was a nice experience 24th November, 2017
Abhay Kumar
God Trust & Best Astrologer is very imp. in life....!!! Pt. R. K. Sharma is guideline for everyone's life. Thank you panditji. All the best. Kind Regards. -- 4/4/2016
Abhijit Joshi
Panditji is a very authoritative person in the filed of astrology. His past analysis was perfect. He is the best astrologer i have been till date . 8 August, 2017
Abhinav Sharma
It was a very nice experience meeting sir. He predicted many things which were have and guided us in a very nice way. - 23/3/2016
I visited to Pandit Raj Kumar Sharma Sir in the months of January. I was facing job problem. He guided me and predicted the date of my job. I was shocked about the prediction and it was too correct as they predicted. I am thankful to sir Pandit Raj Kumar Sharma for his help. He is the best Astrology in world.-Date: 30/4/2015
Aditi Pokharkar
Thank you for taking out your time for my father and I. We had an amazing experience and hope to visit again. We are grateful for your blessings. 18/04/2019
Aditi Tanna
Doesn't hit around the bush. Very insightful experience. He is like father to me. Very Positive.Explains very well and accurate advice's. Always willing to help. Thank you so much. 20th January, 2018
Advocate Makarand Adkar--  Supreme Court.
This is a great feeling that my brother‘s all prediction have come true
Agam Raman
Thank you so much. Respected Ptji. For you kind support and humble guide line. I am going from hear with lots of peace and felling blessed . You are such a great and nice helping personality. Wish you all the best Thank You 1st November, 2017
I am watching all these program really predictive nice one.
Aishwarrya Shekhar Parab
We both feel happy and tension free when we meet at Guruji. Thank you, Guruji 18th June 2019
Ajay Dalvi
Feeling Blessed !!! No words to express. Great talks and wonderful experience. 12th August, 2016
Ajay Sharma
Respected Panditji Thank you very much for your precious time and guidance you blessed me and my family. You are a god gift for generation. Thank you so much for your blessings. 3rd July 2018
Ajay Sharma
I am Ajay Sharma from Delhi I meet Guruji and i am so blessed with his blessing he is like mentor very good energy. Thank you guruji 20 April, 2017
Ajesh Kapoor
It is a god given gift to u panditji from mataraniji n sainathji
Ajit Kumar
Seems live blessing from God. 8th April, 2017
Ajit Nayak
Hi I am Ajit Nayak from koperkhairane Mumbai today I met Pandit R K Sharma and I am feeling great after met to him because he is one of great astrologer I have ever seen he is a good adviser he saw me the right way to improve my future I hope my Al problem and negative will be clear in shortly thank you panditji
Akshata Satav
Hame Panditji se milke bahot acha laga. Bahot acha margdarshan kiya unone jo problems they hame unke paryay diye unone hame unka nivaran kiya. ( 21st December 2018 )
Akshita Jain
Namastey guruji It was the day of 10th April 2007 you had made a prediction of me becoming a doctor though I have just began studying medicine just one year but this shows how your predictions are accurate at that time I didn't believe that would happen but it had began thanks it's just too good so amazing intricate ...
Thank you for your email. I found it very helpful. I wonder if I can ask for clarification on a few things? You mention quite rightly that my love life has been volatile & there could be divorce or heart break. Is this possible divorce or heartbreak to come in the future? If so, are you able to say when? The yearly horoscope mention several period which are good for romance. I am currently single & wonder if you think I will meet someone or get married this year? In fact do you think I will ever get married-if so when? Thank you for answering these question
I really liked the confidence in your prediction. I hope it come true. I also believe in your words and also wish you all the very best. Date : 8/9/2005
Ameet Mantri
We have been coming here for last few years and so far whatever Panditji predictions have mentioned has come true. We are very happy with our experience. 30th August 2018
Ameet Mantrii
Ganpati Bapa Morya... Panditji your prediction about me came true and that to on exact date 1/6/17.
Ameeta Rohira
Namaskar Panditji Your predictions are par excellence I watch this programme on Jai Maharashtra Channel without fail . The accuracy is 99% Please Panditji what is your prediction of U S A Presidential election? Hopefully it will b predicted by you soon I bow down at your feet. Date -1st November, 2016
Amit Arya
Gave new direction to my career whenever I am stuck his simple solution and smiling face helps me to recover my all obstacles. God bless him a very long life. 29/09/2018
Amites Prasad
It was wonderful to meet him Satisfied 11th March, 2017
Amod Randive
I met Mr. R.K Sharma in Oct 06, Panditji Predicted about job change in September 2007 with actual CTC which actually got executed. In Oct 2010 Pandiji Predicted about offer of job change in 2011 Sep for which i got a same offer in August 2011. With his guidance I joined MBA in 2007 completed successfully.........
Amrita Bhardwaj
Never seen a person with such perception about my future and past comments. It felt like a big relief to know my best future. Received a positive vibe after meeting him, and believe to hear from him again with more positive comments regarding my life and other stuff. A Big Thanks to Guruji 11/03/2019
It was a pleasant & satisfied meeting lots of encouragement given to my son. thanks to panditji .
Anand & Anita Bhatia
Pandit Rajkumar Sharma has a very Dynamic personality. He has explained us everything logically. His observations are accurate and predictions have come true. We have felt miraculous changes from day one.
Anand Agarwal
I am very much happy to visit Panditji office and after meeting him now I am looking forward to a good future and I cannot express the feeling in words. 9th July 2018
Anand Balai
It was nice meeting Panditji. He gave me guidance for my future.the points he told to me were very important.i have started all my work as he said. Thank you panditji for your blessings. 25th November, 2017
Anand Raj
panditji ko milke bahot acha mahesus hua 6 December, 2016
Anil Ghavte
Adharniya panditji yana bhetun khup khup anand jhala ek divya anubhuti aaj tyanche margadarshan he pudhel ayushat ek divya margadarshan tharel ase mala vate tyancha ashirwad milalyavar ek prakare khup khup positive energy prapt jhali . Pudhil ayushyat tyancha ashirwad aamhas milo ashi icha aahe. Date: 4th September 2018
Anil Jain
Congrats sir for perfect predictions on Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh poll Results Thanks Regards Anil jain
Anil Wagle
I had a detailed discussion with Panditji on issue freed in my family and completed satisfied in the way/manner in which he gave guidance and help to assist for resolve the issue. I am very much impressed by his command on the subject. I can pray to God for his long life 13/03/2019
Anirudh Rai Executive Chef Taj Lands End
Panditji pranam! Heard your interview! Superb! Just wanted to call you and give you good news as predicted by you. My son Abhigyan has got through IIT mains though he has to clear the advanced. He has also got through the very reputed VELLORE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY on the merit list. He has also got through Manipal Institute of technology. I never believed that this can happen. Please bless him and let me know
Anirudhya Roy
Man who always has divine smile and serenity on his face! And a great human being! Always blessed in his presence!
Anita Surve
Majhi Panditji barobar bhet jhalyavar pushkal prasana vatle. Majya kahi adchani aahet tyavar tyani sagle todge sangitle aani tyani sangitlelya todgya mule maje 100% he sagle sankat purnapane nighun janar he majhi khatri aahe ( 9th March 2018 )
Anjali Vora
Feeling blessed after meeting him. We are feeling very good no words to say. Very wonderful experience, Thank you very much 12th August, 2016
Ankit Tanna
Raj Kumar Sharmaji is one of the most genuine guides. I will not use the word astrologer for him because he is much more than that. He has one of the most pleasant personalities and I get happy every time I visit him. He has a razor sharp memory and will remember things discussed and faces seen even 5 years later. How much ever confused I am in life and how much ever low I am feeling, talking to him once changes everything. Best thing about him is his down to earth personality even after achieving such heights in his professional career. He has a solution to every problem and treats all categories of people in the same way. 5th April 2018
Anshul Agarwal
Guruji has been a kind person He blessed me with going confidence I believe in the time to come his words effectiveness with allow me to generate further trust. 30/10/2018
Ansiey Ali
It was unbelievable that the dates Mr. Sharma gave were completely accurate. Everything that was told about my past was correct. I will know whether the future predictions are as accurate in the next couple of months. Date : 15/9/2005
Aparna Raje
a very positive experience in deal a very honest and truthful prediction. Thank you panditji 7th January, 2016
Archana Patil
Panditji se milke achchha nahi bahot achchha laga. jo unhone bola vo ho jaye to aur jyada achchha lagega. -- 19/3/2016
Archana Singh
It felt so blessed, secured and divine after meeting Panditji. He is next to God for us. He is a true genuine soul and has given us proper guidance and motivation. He is a true problem solve and inspiration for us. Thank you Panditji. From all our heart and soul. 31/08/2018
Archita Nanda
Feeling very relieved after meeting Panditji. He explained everything to beautifully. Extremely thankful and grateful to him Panditji is so knowledgeable. Thank you 29/09/2018
Arman Agarwal
It was an extremely good session with Panditji very informative. Panditji has very clarity on past and future very beneficial session 08/04/2019
Arti Joshi
It was a great experience meeting Panditji. I have meeting before too 10 years back. His prediction are accurate we feel comfortable and at ease tension free after meeting him. 7th April, 2017
Arun Bakhda
Very positive, good feed back. 11th May, 2017
Arvind  Bhurke
Great experience as if whole life story was currently described to us guidance for future . God bless. -- 19/3/2016
Arya Lele
the guidance was extremely helpful. It was meaningful and inspiring. 6th May, 2017
Asawari Pawar and family
My experiance is always being amazing talking to panditji. He is a man with great vision and inspires me and my family even if the situation is bad. Panditji is someone we genuinely trust and look upto. Thank you! -- 9/4/2016
Ashish  Bhath
He is best guidance and god be with us 20, December 2016.
Ashish Jain
Panditji se milkar bahut acha laga, shabda mai bata nhi sakta, best soul meet in my life, justify waiting for his prediction to be set true. Touched by heart 03/01/2019
Ashish Sharma
It was a nice experience meeting Panditji. Got his blessing and positive vibes. Looking forward to meet again. 25/03/2019
Ashok Khenat
Aaj Kutumbyan sobat Siranchi bhet gheun khupach prerit jhalo aahe . tyani majha vishai maja banatil saglyta shanka dur kelya aahet . Yapudhil margadarshana sathi avashya parat gurujina bhetaichi icha aahe ( 23rd May 2018 )
Ashwin Gupta - 9930082008
My name Ashwin Gupta, Panditji is a great person, good, simple and straight forward. He guided me for a future living prediction, looking forward to meet him again in future for good wishes and his “Ashirwad” I really thank him for showing a light shine from two months ahead. I would also thank him for compassion attitude, listening skills and would like to meet him again. I wish him giving me wishes forever and I would he always with him any support once again thank you for your time and guidance.
Asmita Surve
MI Asmita Surve mala je majya mulibadal sangitle te mala puna pane patle va aanand jhala tyani maja pati badal pan sangitle mi gurujinche faar aabhari aahe dhanyavad ( 6th April 2018 )
Asmita Vaity
I met panditji and i feel all positive vibes. i was so much depress and full of negativity. but after meeting panditji i fell like i met my real guru . He is truly amazing as a person also very friendly and jolly person . feel really blessed after meeting him. 28th July, 2017
Atharva Kunte
It was good, learned a lot 9821870360
Atharva Kunte
It was good, learned a lot 9821870360
Atit Koli
Panditji was accurate with me. And it will lead me to good way. 18th May, 2017
Atul D. Kulkarni
Thanks for your kind response. It will help my parents. As my mother is under tension of my marriage & job. As per your suggestion I will say ref your mail till 20th april both the things will get finalized. I once again appreciate from my bottom of my heart thanks.Hope your word will become true & all the tension gets released. My mother always say your word is god’s word. You are god’s messenger.
Atul Kapur
Khup Bara Vatla Dhanyavad 11th March, 2017
Avani Mehta
Very satisfied goods predicted very happy to meet him. - Date : 9/5/2014
Avinash Gotarne
Sir have blessed us with lot of good wishes and we are very happy to have a Guru like sir. 29, December 2016
Avinash Surve
Panditjii na bhetun aamala koni gharch manus bhetlya sarkhe vatle ek Aatmavishwas yeto ( 23rd November 2018 )
Balasaheb Kalekar
Balasaheb Kalekar Panditji aple MP, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh che bhavishya 100% khare tharale. Maze va mazya mitranche tumhi sangitlya pramane bhavishya khare tharale asun aaple yogya margdarshan amhala milale asun bhavishyat amhala asech margdarshan labhave 9822855829
Balasaheb Kalekar
Balasaheb Kalekar Panditji aple MP, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh che bhavishya 100% khare tharale. Maze va mazya mitranche tumhi sangitlya pramane bhavishya khare tharale asun aaple yogya margdarshan amhala milale asun bhavishyat amhala asech margdarshan labhave 9822855829
Balasaheb Kalekar
Panditjise salah ki Janam Kundali ka bataya hua sab perfect nikla. Meri beti MBBS me achche marks se paas ho gayi. Unki salah se aage jaaneki hum koshish karenge. Dhanyawaad! -- 29/2/2016
Balasaheb Shankar Satkar
Aaj maja jivanatla khup avisarniya kshan hota. Karan jyancha badal mi fakta Sachin siran kadun aykale hote aaj tyana pratekshat pahele va tyancha anubhav samjun ghetla. Mala aaj ase vatle ki me khup dhanya aahe asha lokan barobar kaam kart aahe . pandit sharma yani maja aaushatli vegali kalatani denari gosht mala sangitli te agadi barobar aahe jya goshti pasun me khup dur hoto te goshat mala milali. Sachin sirancha aani Sharma siracha me khup aabhari aahe ( 19th February 2018 )
Balchandra Koli
I am Balchandra Koli from than. i meet guruji and i am so blessed , I like his suggestion and he motivated me 24 April, 2017
Barnona Basu
I believe in astrology and find the session wonderful and beneficial. Date : 6/8/2005
Bharati Thakkar
Panditji is very positive excellent & is full of energy with out ego.
Bhaskar Bhoga
Honestly good brief on my son's issue. His guidance is valuable & honest. -- 4/4/2016
Bhaskerbabu Boga
Panditji is approach is very positive plus sympathetic to issues and responds to resolutions very effectively. His entire conversation is so soothing and very effective. Your staff is also very curacies. 04/10/2018
Bhoomika Pardesi
It was an overwhelming experiance, in a complete comfortable environment. -- 5/4/2016
Bhupen Rughani
Panditji is not only good in Jyotishi but also a very good human being and a very good smiley face. He has a very good positive attitude. I am very impressed.
Bhushan .B. Sahani
Since last two years, I have been consulting Panditji for all my working and home issues. I have experience that Panditji prediction is very perfect and turns correct is almost all the cases. Not only that we get a very good guidance of our future and i find that Panditji has a very good insight into our futures. He has a got a gods gift for telling the future in such a perfect way. 4th May, 2017
Bhushan B Sahani
I am a follower of Panditji for the past several years. His predictions, not only for us but for all are practically 100%vcorrect. For us, he is literally "SAI BABA " Hope this clears our thoughts for him. We wish him a very bright future so that he keeps enlightening lines of people like us and society in whole "JAI MATA DI" 10th May 2019
Bhushan Sahani
We can see a big leader taking his first steps into the big world of Indian politics. I am sure he will take congress to great heights.
Bhushan Sahani
Panditji, we all salute your art of hundred percent correct predictions . Especially the MP , which I remember, you had said that it would be tight finish. We pray that you keep making such predictions for years to come. May god give you still higher wisdom for accurate predictions.
Bhushan Sahani
Panditji namaskar. Congratulations once again for accurate prediction of both Himachal and Gujrat. We feel proud about your knowledge in this field. Pray to god for further strengthening your command in your predictions. Jai mata di.
Bhushan Valie
It was a pleasure and privileged meeting Panditji and such his guidance and blessings. Thank you 6th June 2018
Bina Narula
Its always a pleasure to be in conversation with our beloved Raj Kumar Sharmaji. The positive vibes deanses you and gives a drive for bright future and wishful thinking. Its immensely soothing to be in his presence. Thanks a lot. 19th February, 2018
Boby Sabarwal
very confident and impressive show
Chaitanya Tyagi
It is a blessing to meet Guruji. Such a warm personality and you just feel happy and satisfied. His prediction are accurate and impeccable honestly I feel and meet him due to divine. Thank you Panditji. 12th April, 2017
Charan Singh Sapra - MLA Ghatkopar
Pandit Raj Sharma has always been accurate in Political and Financial Prediction.I know him since last 15 years
Chetan Gala
Very humble and down to earth person filled with positivity. It was wonderful meeting Panditji and gaining his guidance to the right path. 23rd May 2018
Claira vegas
I came here and feel very nice in my children whatever he said happened whatever it is became good 6th January, 2016
Dattanand Jagdale
Mala Raj Kumar sirana bhetun khup samadhan vatle pudhil vatchalit margdarshan milale (25th February 2019)
Debasish Banerjee
For the last 15yrs I was trying to get married but nothing went my way then pandit Raj Kumar Sharma had predicted in the yrs 2006 that I will get married by 14th may 07 & at last I got married on 29th April 07 what a fantastic prediction.
Deepa Parab Chaudhari
Pandit Rajkumar Sharma has a very Positive Attitude and is very co operative also. He guided me very well.
Deepak Agarwal
Mujhe bahot hi achcha laga aane wale samay ki jaankari milna apne aap me hi romanchit he!
Deepak Singh
Guruji se milkar bahot achha laga. Jis tarah se guruji ne chije samzai bahot anand aya. Bahut hi saral swabhav ke hai guruji. Aur bohut support karne wale hai. Deepak Singh 9892648951
Deepak Yewals
I was great experience and coming to 2nd time and get relaxation with seating Panditji. I was thankful to attend Thursday Aarti in afternoon and thankful Panditji. 12th July 2018
Dhananjay Ghuge
Vicharlelya prashnanchi satik bhavishyavani aiknyas milali, ekandarit samadhani ahe. Dhananjay Ghuge 04/10/2018
Dhanashree Bole
My father has been following your show since last 4 years which Motivated him to come see you. Everything you discussed about me was accurate to the point and blunt, honest. Different experience all together for me as a whole. Shall defiantly follow your advise. Satisfied and Happy. Thank you for guiding me.-Date : 6/9/2014
Dhanashree Joshi
Panditji has always guided with his prediction and we are motivated by his guidance. He speaks with us as an ordinary person we never felt that we are talking to such a huge personality he always talks to us as a family member who is elderly and is related to us. His guidance is really very nice and its helps us to see our life in a new different way. While talking to him time flies very fast. And we don’t like to end the conversation as he is very soft. 13/12/2018
Dhanashree Mahesh Joshi
It felt good meeting Panditji. All our problems solved by meeting. It was a great pleasure and he guided us very well regarding our future. Thank you so much for your blessings. 4th July 2018
Dhanashree Vijayakar
We are very much satisfied & pleased with his prediction. a great person
Dilip Bhatt
Panditji is so good in his analysis and genuine in his approach. he is excellent. 10 May, 2017
Dilshad Pavri
Consultation with sir gave me lot of positivity. Cleared all my doubts. He was motivating, gave good guidance. 9th May 2018
Dr Appasaheb Shripati Khot
Aaj dinank 17/12/2018 roji dupari 2 vajta shri pandit raj kumar sharma yanchi bhet gheun me mazya mulachya bhavishyasathi tyanni savistar margdarshan kele. Te atyant sadhe anu mrudu swabhavache asun aplyas tyanni uttam margdarshan kele ahe. Tyanchya ashirwadane amhi chinta mukt ani bhaya mukt zalo asun anandi ahot 9380953113
Dr. Bharti Lavekar and Vinayak mete
Congratulations to Pandit Raj Kumar Sharma for his accurate predictions
Dr. Dilip Khatale
guroodevajee aapane dhananjay mundhe ke baareme jo paralee nagaraparishad ke baareme jo bhavishyavaanee ki thee vo 100% kharee khari utarat hai mere saamane hi aapane dhananjayajee ko aapane phon karake bhavishy bataaya tha is ghatana mai saaksheedaar hu isaka mujhe garv hai pranaam guroodev jee
Dr. Jeevanaprakaash patil
Hum apane aap ko bahot bhaagyashaalee aur gauravaanvit samajhate hai, kee kal shyaam ko aadaraneey panditajee ke darshan huee aur unaka aasheervaad aur aasheesh praapt hua. jisake lie ham pichhale do saal se koshish kar rahe the. unhonne hamen bahot vakt die aur hamaaree janam patrika bade vistaar aur vyaapak tareeke se dekhi halaaki, ham kal jab subah poona se ravaana hue the to man maee ek bada savaal leke nikale the kee pichhale nau salose jis kaam maee lage huee the usake parinaam nahin mil rahe the aur vah kaam chhodane ke baare me soch vichaar me pade the. jab aadaraneey pandit jee ke pahelee baar darshan hue to unake cheharepar par pratibha , paandity ka tej aur aabha dekhakar bahot prabhaavit hue laga kee bahot sahee jagah pahunche hai. unake ophis maee ek tareeke ke sakaaraatmak oorja ka aabhaas hua. jis savaal ko man maee lekar chale the usaka bina poochhe hee aadaraneey pandit jee ne uttar apane aap de diya. aur us kaam aur usake parinaam ka bhavishy bhee bahot sakaaraatmak bataaya. hamaare man mein koee savaal hee nahin bacha tha. saare prashno ke uttar aadaraneey panditajee apane aap dete chale gae. ham unake gyaan aur vidvatta se sammohit hue. unake saamane baithakar apanee bhavishyavaanee unake muh se sunana ek adviteey anubhav hai. jis kisee ko apane jeevan maee kathinaeeya hai unhonne aadaraneey pandit jee se jaroor milana chaaheee. jisako koee kathinaiya nahin hai unhonne bhee milana chaahie kyoki jo sukh aap anubhav kar rahe ho vo kisee bade shaastree jee ke aasheervaad se aur adhik vrddhignat ho jaata hai , aisa hamen kal mahasoos hua. unake sare sarakaaree aur karmachaariyon ne bhee aadaraneey pandit jee kee tarah hamaara bahot khyaal rakha usakee jitanee taareeph kee jae utanee kaam hai. 24th November, 2017
Dr. Ketan Raj
I Dr. Ketan Raj came to meet panditji for our problems and solutions at our surprise he himself has explained us our problems and solution. We are very happy and extremely obliged for the help Panditji provided. 23rd January 2019
Dr. Neelam Singh
Felt blessed with pandit ji's best wishes and advise extremely positive vibrations very perceived also we admired about his ready willingness to help others. 16th November, 2017
Dr. Priyadarshani Chavan
Leaders don't create followers they create leaders. and guruji ia a true example of this kind of soul walking out of these doors, now i will look at life with immense beauty and faith. It thank you was enough i would have mentor it on the sky . 20th November, 2017
Dr. R. Lakshmanan
We feel very much satisfied. 16th April 2018
Dr. Shalini Pradhan
Wonderful to meet with Sharmaji. Extremely accurate, insightful and above all positive . Great Experience. 04/10/2018
Dr. Sunita Ogale
After meeting with Panditji, I really feel relaxed. One can easily realize the power within him. Thank you very much for advising me and showing right path. 25th June 2018
Dularesh Jain
Panditji se milkar bahot achha laga. Unhone bahot si bate bina kahe bata di (19th December 2018)
Gauri Wast
feel very blessed and very happy panditji guide us very well god bless him and god give him long life. 2 January, 2016
Girish .k. chawla
I have been visiting panditji ever since I shifted to Mumbai from Delhi in 2004. Over a period of 7/8 years all the prediction and guidance given to me and my family proved to be accurate and change the life on a higher trajectory. Meeting with panditji gives us excellent vibration and we get to know our future. We hope to get blessing of panditji for better life. - Date : 1/12/2011
Girish Chawla
I have been seeking the blessing of Panditji since he lasts many years. All his guidance and advice have proved to be correct which helped in taking steps for a positive outcome I am indeed grateful for speaking valuable time. 18/04/2019
Gopal Sharma
aaj gurujee ke darshan va mulakat hue aur mene mahasoos kiya kee gurujee aadhyaatmik ev grah nakshatro ke baare mein atyant hee jaanakar he. mujhe gurujee se milakar shante ka anubhav ho raha he. 11th October, 2017 / 8080376086
Gurpreet Singh
I know panditji Since my childhood . His Predication are always Super hit . Film Actor and Comedian
Gururaj Singh Dhanjai
It was amazing felling talking to panditji lot of respect 13 February, 207
The experirnce of you reading last Monday afternoon was quite overwhelming. within the first moments it was apparent you were seeing aspects of my personality accurately, as well as timing of past events, not as I'd necessarily like to remind my strongest sense of self and own egoism, but which spoke directly to my emotional vulnerability as I am currently experiencing it. you touched my psyche very deeply .It felt huge, and profound. you got me.
Hardev Singh
Pandit ji, Congratulations once again... U are on dot ...100% accuracy for Gujarat & Himachal election results... Cudos to U proud to be associated with U..
Haresh oza
Sir, I admire you very much. I follow your guidance from last 11 years. Your prediction is like god speech. Your prediction is more than 90% right from last 11 years in various segments. Sir thank you so much and really thankful to you. - Date : 5/1/2012
Harish Asrani and Manasi Asrani
I have visited Panditji in the year 2011, Panditji predicted me about my carrier, future and the most important prediction by Pandit Raj Kumar Sharma that I will be blessed with a baby after 9 years of our marriage and it has been come true.
It was good taking suggestions from panditji. A lot many things which he told are true & make us to believe in his mastery in astrology. -- 13/4/2016
Harshad khaparde
Dear Panditji, This was the first time I met you and I found it to be magical. I am feeling very positive about myself and strongly feel that whatever remedies you gave me, will work for me in my favour. My confidence has increased and I feel soothing effect. Hoping to meet you soon and follow up for my betterment. 30th June 2018
Harshita Sharma
After meting guruji felt blessed and given new way to come out all problems 20th October, 2016
Hemangi Sharma
Amazing no words in front of this superb personality. Great job to help the people who are really helpless. So obviously god is with him and his family. Long live Guruji Forever and Ever 12th April 2019
Hemant Bowlekar
He is very genius and pleasing personality. I had a great time talking and learning from panditji. I wish him good health and success. Date - 27th December, 2016
Hemant Sahil
It was great experience with Guruji and we are honor to meet such a great person Guruji was kind. Thank you and God Bless Guruji 6th April, 2017
Hemant Shinde
Panditj na bhetun aanand vatla . Tyani Sangitlelya baryach goshti kharya aahet aani tyani Sangitlelya bhavisha cha khara anubhav yeil yachi khatri vatate Dhanyavad ( 25th May 2018 )
Hitesh Tirodkar
It was a great experience to learn in depth about my past experience and also the future. Hope it works out sooner. Thanks a lot Panditji for the mind words of motivation means a lot. 10th July 2018
This query is about my career/job. I have earlier asked you about child and husband`s career. You always help me with precise and clear answers. I was working in the field of computers from 2000-2009 in Mumbai. Then shifted to Bangkok as with husband but have not been abole to find a job since last one year. They prefer local people. I desperately want to start working but I am losing my confidence due to the gap. Should I do an MBA part time from reputable university to enhance my skills? Is it worth spending so much money. Should I look to starting my own venture. I need your guidance.
Isha.K. Nayyar
A person with great knowledge apart from astrology also.
jaikumar patel
Pandit ji bhetalya nantara khupa ananda jhala anii majhe 100% tensana kami jhali. Mala bhavi avishaca marga milala tyamule mi sirancha bhavapurvaka abhara manato - 6/ 9/ 2016
Janki Pandhye.
Both of us are very much thankful to you for your detailed reply. Actually, I was really scared initially because we have had experiences of just money-minting through net astrology. But you were really very keen on our problem and provided us with practical solution .So thanks again we would definitely try & visit you when we come to Bombay .
Jayaditya Giri
Met Panditji with my mother. And the experience is fun and fulfilling. Whatever Panditji explained about previous experiences in my and my families lives were just up to the mark and was grateful for it. I hope infect I am sure that whatever he said about the experience which will come in our lives will be joyful too. Jai Gurudev 05/10/2018
Jayesh Parmar
Meeting with Shri Pandit Raj Kumar Sharma was awesome inspiring and motivational and correct prediction and guidance mature is superb and it was prediction and guidance mature is superb it was pleasure meeting with him. Again want to meet him ( 20th February 2018 )
Jayesh Yugraj Pawar
My name is Jayesh Yugraj Pawar thank you so much for meeting...n had a great tym with you...sir and sir you r my inspiration. And...seriously u r like god for me n my family...and sir keep blessing me and my family. ? and...sir keep supporting. Me as you always do...thankyou so very much sir 21st October, 2017
Jils D. Chheda
God Bless Sir, giving us perfect guideline may you live longer and longer 22nd November, 2017
Jumana Indorewala
It was a great pleasure to meet Panditji and great positive energy and great confidence has come about after meeting him. I'm sure we will achieve great success and happiness with his guidance. Thank you so much 25/02/2019
Jyoti Kamble
I come here today with my parents. It was like a total satisfaction about whatever we had in are mind about our future perspectives. We are really fortunate to meet him panditji he was giving all the answer of the questions we had in our mind before we told him all those problems . I wish him very well that he is doing very Noble thing to conserve he future of he mankind ( 19th February 2018 )
Kalpesh Shah
Panditji was very accurate in his predictions particularly past and has predict future as well felt peace after talking to him. He is very knowledgeable an what he is taking about. Thank You 6th September,2016
Kamal Jhunjhunwala
It was by Gods will and great future that I could meet you. Your accuracy and knowledge is really anything I have meet many astrology but Mom have even matched 1% of your knowledge. Your friendly attitude and personal attention is really great and it naturally heals a lot of my problems. I really thank Gods and my future that I could meet you and have the privilege to spend time with you. Date : 29/9/2005
Kamal M. Thakur
Excellent experience looking forward to his predictions in the future . - Date : 31/12/2012
Kamal Palshetkar
I meet Pt. Raj Kumar Sharma He‘s prediction and power is very good for mind and like to his nature is very nice. Pt. Raj Kumar Sharmaji give the lot of time for clients. 28th April 2018
kamlakar Satav
Sirancha anubhava ha devasaman aahe sir je sangtata techa khare hote ha mala anubhava ala ahe. ashich majhi sirancha var shradha aso . 26 October 2016
I do believe what Panditji said whatever he said me was not believable but I do. It was a very pleasant meeting Panditji feeling good and more confident for the future. Date : 20/5/2005
Kanchan Kunte
Kanchan Kunte Prati, Aadirnaya shree panditji, Aaj apko milne ka saubhagya prapt hua. Man ati prasanna hai, kai sari duvidhaye aur chintaye mann ko sata rahi thi jisko aapne bahut ache tarike se samadhan bataya. Mann ki ashankaye apse nivedan karke avam jo samadhan aapne bataye uspar amal karneki avashya koshish karunga. Kanchan Kunte 9821870360
Kanchan Mehra
I follow him on TV program since 15 years. I have great respect and appreciation for Pandit Rajkumar Sharmaji. His answer to problems are accurate. He is problem solver. 23rd October, 2017
Karishma Smith
Very humble and down to earth person filled with positivity. It was wonderful meeting Panditji and gaining his guidance to the right path. 26th April 2018
Kavita Thorat
Priy panditji, Aapanas bhetun mala khup aanand jhala pudhel bhavishyacha vedh ghetla gela. Chagli disha milali Faar prasana vatle aapnakade yeun khup changle vatle . Date: 27th June 2018
Kinal Dadia
Pandit Raj Kumar Sharma is indeed a messenger of GOD. He is a spiritual as well as intellectual personality. He is very helpful. Thank you so much. 6th June 2018
Kishor Mande
I have full trust in Panditji so when i sit in front of him i feel great and energetic. He has full confidence in his prediction and we also have experience regarding his prediction 25th July, 2017
Kishor More
Mala aaj Sirana Bhetun khup Aanand vatla. Majha Janma sarthak jhala. 8 February, 2018
Kishor P. Shirsat
He told the problems before I tell him, so he is very intelligent & solution oriented person very nice to see him.
Kishor Thakur
Hope you are doing well. Your prediction of BSE to touch 20000 by year end was great! It hit 20000 today, So what will be the new target and direction for the market? Being an Astroclub member, What will be your advice for me? Thank you and take care..
kishor Thakur
Panditji, for last several years I followed your Share market prediction, and I m proudly saying that it comes true for that time, now also your correctly predicted, We all viewer help to take wise position of stock, thank you SIR. 24th March 2018
Kishor Thakur & Family
We first came to Panditji when he started his journey in Juhu. He has predicted everything cent percent right about all the 5 family members. Kishor Thakur is the loyal viewer of Panditji’s shows from his Sahara days and still follows him every Saturday on Jai Maharashtra. We are grateful to meet Panditji and be blessed by him for over 15 years now. 27th December, 2017
Krishna Pimple
Hari Om , Its God's plan that we met guruji. he is just great, so cool, so nice and so vibrant gives us energy & feeling of fulfillment . Now a new journey starts in his blessings 28th November, 2017
Laxmikant shinde
Great, Great, Great Experiance & feeling proud that I had word to share with him. -- 2/4/2016
Maalik Kharat
wish to offer my gratitude to the honorable panditji. A very humble and respective personality who knows your pulse and suggests the perfect remedy to your issues. A very kind hearted and out spoken guru who guides you to attain your desired goals. 20th July. 2017
Madhavi Gondhale
Majha nav madhavi Trimbak Gondhale. Aaj mi aadarniya Pandit Raj Kumar Sharma yana bhetle. Tyani mala maja Aayushyat ghadlelya kahi ghatna agadi achuk sangitlya fakt bhutkalach nahi tar bhavishya vishai pan baryach sakaratmak ghatna honar aahet tu nirdhast raha ithun pudhe tu maja javal aali aahes tyamule sarva kahi vyavastit hoil yachi tyani guarantee mala dili mala vishwas dila. Tyancha ya vishwasa mule maja Aatma vishwas khupach vadhalay aani me tyani sangitlele upay karun parat tyacha Ashirvad ghyaila nakkich yein Dhanyavad Date: 4th August 2018
Madhulika & Avinash Hardas
It was indeed a privilege & honor for us to be able to spend some time with you It has ifused a positive energy in us. Satsang has to be in prarabddha, which we had in spite of the fact that we are non celebrity and most ordinary middle class people we could get this opportunity which we will ever cherish in our heart. This is just to acknowledge your generosity & thank you for giving us the time & the opportunity to meet you.
Madhuri Sutar
Siranna bhetun khup chaan vatle, mana madhil duvidha kami zali. Khup prashna hote, tyachi uttare milali. khup goshti kalalya. khup kahi samajle, khup chan anubhav ala ahe 03/04/2019
Madhusudan Ajgaonkar
It was great pleasure meeting Panditji very nice explanation, guidance and forsight. Thanks a Million -- 12/3/2016
Mahesh Doijode
I am Mahesh Doijode. Thank you Pandit Raj Kumar Sharmaji for blessing me & guiding me after studying my kundali. By giving accurate past prediction & future guidance, you ultimately increased my self confidence. It will help me to achieve my goals in life. -- 25/2/2016
Maithili Zanjurne
My name is Maithili Zanjurne. I visited panditji in the month of January. It was very good experience and I am totally satisfied. -- 20/1/2016
Makarand kadave
Feel very good after meeting panditji Very realities opinion I am glad that i visit panditji 10th September 2016
Mallika Soni
It was amazing meeting him. He made me feel very comfortable. He answered all my questions and I felt more secured. Thank you so much for the motivation and love. 21/11/2018
Manali Chalke
I feel very pleasant after meeting him and also got peace of mind after talk with Guruji. 21st May, 2018
Manasi Sukhtankar
Panditjin che bol aikun aashirwad jhale ase vatle chup chan ! majhya mula badalche je prashna vicharle tyacha badalche tyancha kadun uttar je milale te aikun mi dhanya jhali. mi panditjin che khup khup aabhari aahe
Manasi Sukhtankar
Panditjin che bol aikun aashirwad jhale ase vatle khup chan ! majhya mula badalche je prashna vicharle tyacha badalche tyancha kadun uttar je milale te aikun mi dhanya zali. mi panditjin che khup khup aabhari aahe
Manasi Sukhtankar
Pandit Raj Kumar Sharma yana bhetlyavar prasannata vatli tyancha sangnyatun pushkal ase prashna sutle va samadhan he vatle . maja mula badal jo prashna vicharla tyacha problem sudha solve jhala tyamule panditjin var aamcha vishwas ajun vadla me panditjin cha aabhari aahe ( 23rd November 2018 )
Mandar Khole
Sirana bhetun khup aanand jhala. bare vatle tyane sangitlelya goshti patlya aani aavadlya sudha . Sir tumcha Manapasun dhanyavad ( 31st March 2018 )
Mandy Takhar - Punjabi Film Star
I am firstly blessed to have even met Panditji. Feeling more positive and confident about life, Wish my Aura and energy to be as clean and positive and pure as Panditji. Will be consulting Panditji in the future. My life Doctor and absolutely correct on the technical predictions of it all. Very Grateful Thank You 1st November, 2017
Mangesh Zirke
I meat honorable panditj, and really Thankful panditji for great full advice.
Manik Valavalkar
Panditji na bhetun khup chan vatle je prashna aamhi gheun aalo hoto tya sarvanchi uttare panditji ni kundali samjavatanach dile Khup chan experience hota samadhan vatle Date : 8th September 2018
Manish Ranka
I was very good and quite experience with Panditji. His calculation is very accurate and right. 18th May, 2017
Manisha Mishra
i liked it very much i was with job of my son's tuition i got relieved as he gave me Nilam as a test 3 November, 2016
Mannik Nangia
I am thankful to Panditji for giving me time and showing me the way forward. He has helped me to understand myself better. 27/09/2018
Manohar Nair
Panditji is simply awesome perfect is the only word to describe him. Thanks Sir 28/12/2018
Manoj Kumar
Impressive & very straight forward. Feeling homely while discussion.
Manoj Kumar Thakur
aaj ka din man kee shaanti evan sukoon dene vaala raha ! pandit jee ka aasheervaad bana rahe , eeshvar se yahee praarthana hai ! 31st August 2016
Mansi Manjrekar
Happy with our consultation. Very straightforward, polite and reassuring. Looking forward to further positive interaction and guidance from him. Thank you 20th June 2018
Mansi Sukhatnakar
MI Mansi Sukhatnakar mala guruji ni sangitlel 100% patla. aani manala shanti milali tyanche vichar patle . maja muli badal sangitlele bhavishya aikun khup aanand jhala va majha aatmavishws vadhala. Mi gurujin chi khup khup aabhari aahe Dhanyavad ( 6th April 2018 )
Markandeya Bopparathi
Very Miracle Man. Still now in my life we never see just like Pandit Raj Kumar Sharma. I heard all is true. For appointment I waited for more than one year. My waiting is fulfill with Happy and Joy. Namaskar 8th June 2018
Mayur Karve
It was the best experience and will further recommend to others and was 100% satisfied. Thank you 5th May, 2018
Mayuresh Khambe
Felt great to be here could gain confidence from now. Will always be in touch for future endeavours. 12th July 2018
MD Samim
Ham mafi chahte hai sir isliye ki hamare pas itna paisa nahi hai ki ham aapke pas aaye. kyu ki hamara sallary 5000 hai aur hamara do baccha hai. hamara har mahine paise ki tangi rahta hai ghar me kabhi kabhi jhagda bhi ho jata hai. khair jo bhi hamare sath ho use jane dijiye. iske liye ham aap se dil se mafi chahte hai sir pls lekin aapka jo prediction ham dekhte hai to mere andar se bhuchal aa jata hai lagta ki kash agar aap mere samne hote to mai aapke charno gir jata aur aapke pair ko chumta. sir aap bhi baghvan ka koi avtar hai sir ye jo mane likha hai ye hamara antaraatma ki awaj hai sir isiliye ye aapki shan me aapki tarif ki lekin ham jitna bhi tarif kare utna hi kam hai sir
Meeta Somaiya
bahot achcha laga. Man ko bahot shanti mili. -- 13/4/2016
Mehboob Kasar
Pranaam Pandit Ji Aapki bhavishyavani firse sach hui isliye aapko bohot bohot Mubarak 26th December, 2017
Mehboob Kasar
aadaraneey pandit jee se aaj apane patnee ke saath mila. mere aur ahamad kee kundalee sir ne batai. aur unhonne bataye hue saaree baate sach nakalee usake vazah se hamako bahot aashcharya hua. ham eeshvar se praarthana karate hai kee pandit jee ko eeshvar lambee umar de aur unake haat se samaaj ke achhe kaam ho Date - 26 / 8 / 2016
Mehboob Mossa Lakhpaty - 29 Jan 2016
My name is Mehboob Mossa Lakhpaty , we met several time few years back in San Antonio TX with Bipin Kapadia & Mansoor Kapadia' s house the advice/guidance you given us we use still it every day we appreciate & thank you for that , Yogesh Bhatt is my partner from last 25 years and always send regards for you when he visit Mumbai . We need your advice / guidance again , I have enclose photos of my brother in laws on the left in group photos me & my wife sitting on each side of bride & groom , Naushad Muhammad Aly Manji on right standing behind me , Mehboob Aly Manji in the middle photo with wife . Tanvir H Manjee on the right , I will send his wife photo too . Basically this family is going Thru very rough time from last ten years , I have help them financially too , what is the best time call you to discuss this further , I really appreciate your advice / guidance in this matter . With best regards Lakhpaty .
Meher Irani
Thank you Panditji for the daer direction and positivity provided. Hope for thing to improve and it will. Thank you 7th February, 2018
Milind Chaturvedi
Panditji has very graceful personality. In my life I have seen very few people who give so much positive energy, the moment you see them. His predictions and suggestions are very correct and effective. I personally experienced it. I am very lucky, that I met him.
Milind Naik
I Milind Naik staying in Mumbai had wanted to meet Panditji for quite some time. Today it was a fortunate blessed day for we to meet panditji being to meet. Panditji itself was a great feeling. I am very lucky blessed meeting sir and I am certain that it will change my life. Feeling blessed 18/04/2019
Mirvej Naikwadi
It was an amazing experience with panditji, it was a life-changing experience, panditji is Gem of a person a very kind and altruistic, May Allah give him “ Jannat” and eternal life 9637813786
Respected sir, It was a great experience to your advise. We visited your place for the first time today and feel very inspired by what you have said. I feel this association will go on for life long. Thank you very much sir. - Date : 17/3/2012
Mohan Dhamapurkar
Mananiya Rajkumar Sharma yana bhetun kharokar khup vara vatl . Pudhil margdarshan milave yakarta mi punha Panditji na bhetnar. ( 2nd June 2018 )
Mohan Dhekne
Mohan Dhekne Panditji ko 7 saal baad mai mila jo 7 saal pehle bataya vo sab sahi hua. 9619335250
Mohan Sapte
As usual your predictions are to the point, we are expecting our second baby . Last time we met you in Mumbai you had mentioned the same , hats off to you and your calculations . That is why you are one of the best when it comes to Astro- science . warm regards and Pranaam from Aparna as well
Mohnish Sharma
Guru ji is always right... . Guru ji ko praman
Moti Milani
Very Happy. 1st November, 2017
Mr & Mrs Purohit
Guruji has lots of knowledge and gives to the point predictions without knowing much about us. He gave us accurate predictions and Solutions.
Mr Narula
I have lot of belief in him and i have complete trust in his predictions and treat like my guru i get lot of positive energy from him. 15th November 216
Mr Rishikesh Dhuri
My name is Rishikesh Dhuri. It was a very positive experience after meeting panditji. He predicted each and everything very accurately. His predictions was very accurate, before coming here I was very nervous but after meeting panditji my all nervousness went away. Also panditji is very positive regarding his predictions. Thanks to panditji and also thanks to staff.
Mr Vijay Sinha Shinde Patil
Siranna bhetun atishaya changle vatle. sirancha margadarshan molache tharale. Sirancha abhyas jabarjasta ahe, saglyanni tyanche margadarshan gheun pudhe jave. 10/04/2019
Mr Vinod Suvarna & Mrs. Harsha Suvarna
Meeting Panditji Today Has Given A Goal To My Life Which Was Almost Lost By Me, The Accuracy Of Past And The Confidence Of Tomorrow Was Splendid. We Would For Sure Be Under Panditji’s Guidance Always!
Mr. Abhinandan Deorukhkar
It was my fortune to meet Panditji. He guided me in proper manner and advised not to take any tension. I will follow all his guidelines and waiting for my future to be changed. 07/12/2018
Mr. Ajay Bodke
// Shree Ganeshaya Namah // The experience of meeting Panditji and spending time in his divine presence was serene and spiritually uplifting. His calm demenous, piercing insights and fatherly advice has left a deep imprint on me. The experience will remain etched in my conscience forever. With Warmest Regards 12/12/2018
Mr. Arvind
Panditji chi bhet jhali bharpur prasana vatle . Tyani maja samasya janun ghetlya tyavar upay sangitle aani kay kay karaycha te sudha sangitl . Mala yogya te margadarshan milale ( 22nd February 2018 )
Mr. Bobby sabarwal
Congratulations, your predictions right on dot, I am proud and glad when you differed with other astrologers yesterday on sahara channel yesterday at have always proved you are different from Other in your predictions. Wish you all the best .jai mata di.
Mr. Chandrashekhar Chaugule
Meeting with panditji was very much useful and come to know the facts of the life. Studious gentleman highly appreciated. 25/10/2018
Mr. Haresh oza
Namaskar guruji, as per your prediction for 2014 elections that you made 1 year ago narendra modi has convincingly won elections with majority. Not only that u also predicted that shivsena –BJP alliance Will triumph in Mumbai and will get major win expect 1 seat .your golden speech has also come true for stock market , gold and silver. I am thankful to god that I have pleasure to meet such a noble person aapka aashirvaad bane rahe.
Mr. Jagdish Hansora
Mr. Jayant Shankar Vibhute.
Mr. Jayant Shankar Vibhute. Mazi gurujinchi meeting changli zali, tya madhe tyanni mala navi disha deun changle pathbal dile. tyanni sangitlelya karavayas sangitlya ahet. Navi uttejana milali. 27/08/2018
Mr. Khimji Gala
Mr. Nakul Madhukar Jadhav
It was a great experience, that we have come here and taken advise of Panditji. It has come true what he had predicted. I see to have long lasting relationship for his valuable advise and blessings throught our life.
Mr. Nikhil Ravivarma
All the information given regarding the past to my mom ,regarding me is accurate. By meeting panditji , hopes becomes strong. -Date : 23/2/2013
Mr. Parag Prabhu
One of the best Experience that we all got. Nice Person, Helping Nature, Right Direction. Very Happy and satisfied. - Date : 16/6/2014
Mr. Ram Reddy
Dear Panditji We are very blessed to meet you. We got our way to life. Thank you very much for guiding and helping us. Please keep us blessed. Thanking You 26/12/2018
Mr. Sapru ,daljeet singh ,Milind shetty.
Congratulation to Panditji, for accurate predictions
Mr. Suresh Patil
Suresh Patil Khup divasapasun tv var pahat hoto parantu aaj samaksha bhet zali, khup samadhan va margadarshan yogya te labhale. From Nasik 11/03/2019
Mr. Uddhav Bhosle
Mr. Uddhav Bhosle. Me panditjin kade donda yeun gelo. Mala don vela khup changla anubhav ala. tyanni sangitlya pramane sarv kahi ghadat ahe. tyanchya kade yeun maze ayushya khup sunder houn gele ahe. 26/06/2018
Mr. Vinod suvarna
Meeting panditji today has given a goal to my life which was almost lost by me. The accuracy of past and the confidence of tomorrow was splendid. We would for sure be under panditji guidance always. - Date : 15/1/2012
Mr. Yogesh Uppal
Absolutely divine experience, my father was feeling blessed to meet Guruji, all our worries got less and relieved after meeting Guruji. We got direction and positivity after meeting Guruji. Thanks a lot JAI MATA DI 19/12/2018
Mr.Pramod .V.Kansara
Fully Satisfied with prediction. I know him since from last 5 years .By watching his show I came to know about him.
Mrs Amrita Kirar
Panditji se milne ke baad mai bohot jyada motivate ho gai hu aur apne future ko leke clear ho gai hu. Panditji ko bahoot bahoot shukriya 09/10/2018
Mrs Sarika Rajendra Kalokhe
Yaha ane se pehle mai bohot tension me thi lekin panditji se baat karne ke baad bohot achha laga ek prakar se halka halka lagne laga. Koi ghar ke vyakti ( pitaji ) jaise bol rahe hai aur samjha rahe hai is prakar se panditji hamare sath baat kar rahe the. Unka manapurvak aabhar 20/10/2018
Mrs Tripti Agarwal
I am satisfied after talking to panditji many of question were cleared 11/10/2018
Mrs. Heena Ashish Shah
We are very grateful to you. You have solved 80% of our problem. Very nicely explained. 04/01/2019
Mrs. Meena Nitin Hazare
Mrs. Meena Nitin Hazare Pandit Sharmajinna me tv var nehami baghat ali ahe. Mazya swatahachya samasye sathi me pratyaksha tyanna bhetaila ale. Tyanchya aatmavishwas pahun mala bare vatle, Manuski hi changli ahe. Panditji samorchyala aple se kartat. tyamule aple gharchech koni manus bhetlya sarkhe vat te. Panditjinche vyaktimattva khup prasanna ahe. Panditjini amhala jo salla dila to aamchyasathi laakh molacha tharo hich eeshwara charni apeksha ahe. Khup chan bhet tharali. 10/11/2018
Mrs. Minal Jadhav
Very nice guidance and prefect reading sir is very devin person. Thank you so much for your blessing. 3rd February, 2018
Mrs. Nilesh Ramdas Shirkar
He is very much guessing and positively. My future is big. 08/10/2018
Mrs. Saroj Shah
Mrs. Saroj Shah Panditjinni vel kadun amachyashi bolne kela va amachya shankanche nirasan kela tasech samasyanvar upay yojna sangitlya. ekiun anand vatla. tyancha aashirwaad asach aamchya var rahava he asha. 26/05/2018
Mrs. Sujata Udesh Patekar
Panditji approach is very powerful. Perfect guessing and positive energy . Thanks 08/10/2018
Mrs. Vimal Eknath Chikne
Mrs. Vimal Eknath Chikne Me va maze pati amhi doghehi mananiya Pandit Raj Kumar Sharmaji yanchya kade mulachi patrika kadhnyasathi gelo hoto. tithe amhala tyanche yogya margdarshan zale. hasat mukhane tyanni amhala savistar samajavun sangitle. tyanni je sangitle te amhala patlesuddha. Tethil vatavaran prasanna hote. jithe me hawaldil houn ale hote pan tyanchya margdarshanamule me anandi chehryane ghari jate ahe. Gurujinche khup khup abhari ahe. 09/11/2018
Ms K.S. Prasad
Very good & encouraging very correct & satisfying
Ms. Khandelwal
Thank you so much for accommodating us today 10th june inspire of your busy schedule. My father, brother and i are deeply grateful to you for giving us your precious time and valuable advice. We are very very lucky to have met you. with your blessings i am sured now that my future is bright . Thank you so much again guruji. 10th June, 2017
Mukesh Kumar Raut
I am truly blessed that I came in contact with you in 2011and my life changed for better within 6 months. I know I am a very small person and I am also not too wealthy but still. We have been treated always like a celebrity (as I know there are celebrities and top political who are your client sir) That is something which very humble on your part sir, that people like us also get the opportunity to meet you in person and able to get a chance to change the lives for better / prosperous for ever. - Date : 6/12/2011
N . A Patil
I feel very satisfactory , prediction was perfect guidance of guruji will help me in future. 6th September 2016
Namita Shetty
It was a great experience to talk your advise, we visited your place for the first time today and feel very inspired by what you have said. I feel this Association will go on for lifelong. Thank you very very much
Nandlal Rajput
Resp, Pt. Raj Kumar Ji, I just came to know about you and your achievement, from my friend Noel, I also live with him. I am a portraits painter. very rarely we can find Guni and Gyani Pandit. All the best sir... Nandlal Rajput 056 3939 667
Navesh G. Chandiramani
A very encouraging, positive session with panditji . Became more confident and more motivated towards the goals of life. Panditji is a very learned man, a humble and straight forward, will definately allow many people to come solve their issues and reach their goals in life through Panditji. Date : 25/6/2005
Neeelam Tekawade
Me neelam tekawade, gurujinni mazya aaila sangitle hote ki tyanchi sun December madhe garodar rahil ani agadi tasech zale. Gurujinche mhanane khare zale 8928067767
Neeraj Nagzarkar
Very positive feedback. very satisfied by the insights. 9th May, 2017
Neeta Pradhan
Achuk ani Nemkya shabdaat Margadarshan Milale tyabaddal Dhanyawaad.
Thank you so very very much for your remedies. The blue sapphire ring has done very well for me. It helped me save my career. I even went to Mahalaxmi Temple 3 consecutive Fridays. Even that has brought some changes in my life. I have yet not found my life patner but I think thats not far.
Neha Raghuvanshi
He is a very helpful person. Very honest, straight forward. Good Experiance. -- 2/4/2016
Nidhi Aggarwal
Panditji is just amazing. Over the years I have seen many many of his predictions come true . Thank you panditji for guiding us - Nidhi Aggarwal
Nidhi Suradkar
It was my first time, fell so positive after meeting Guruji. He cleared all my doubt which I was having in my life. Thank you Guruji, it means a lot to me. 01/10/2018
Nikhilesh Gangabar Gangurde
Aaj gurujin barobar bhet jhali tyani sarva samasya samjun ghetlya va chan salla dila tyana bhetun sakaratmak vatl . Tyani achuk mahiti dele ( 27th Jan 2018 )
Nikita Rathi
I Got quality time of Panditji.. He had guide me very well. I got all my queries solve. Predications are right. Seriously following all there shows. 25th October, 2017
Nikunj Dudhara
First of all thank you for your predictions which you provided last year to me on similar request.I did ask few questions to you last year and as per your predictions most of them were correct. As per your suggestion are we did perform Jyeshta Nakshatra,Mangal Dosh,Pitru dosh and Vyatipat puja on June 25th 2010.
Nilesh Pandhari
Aaj dinank 12/12/2016 roji me shri pandit sharmaji na bhetlo. aayushyat chaltana anek jyotish / bhavishya sangnare bhetatat pan sharma ji he ek adbhut gyani mhanun mala janaavle janu aatmavishwasacha jhara vahato tase khup kathin velet astana tyani mala laganach echachakti aaj dile khup kahi vatle pan eka vakyat mhanayche tar sSamadhan/ Aatmavishwas milala 12 Decembe, 2016
Nisha Parulekar
After coming here person gets positive energy while going. I am feeling like I come at right place where I should come much before I got correct Guru in my life and got correct direction of life today. Thanks a lot
Nishi Singh
Great experience. Felt the divine presence in the ambiance. It was very nice meeting Panditji and would definitely visit again. 17th January, 2018
As predicted by you, I have got another job offer today. I would be very grateful if you can tell me if I should accept this new job. You help has made decision making very easy for me. Now once again i am very happy to inform you that i have got a good job in Singapore and we hope to move there by end of June. Your advice has helped me so much and I cannot thank you enough. Seek your continued blessings Respectfully yours
Dear Panditji,As predicted by you, I have got another job offer today. I would be very grateful if you can tell me if I should accept this new job.You help has made decision making very easy for me.Thank you very muchRespectfully yours
Nita Mahurakar
I have had great pleasure in meeting with you. Your appearance manner and interaction with myself is so positive that it inspires me to behave in the similar manner. I have resolved by your inspiration and guidance to achieve all the costiveness in life. I respect and admire you for the humbleness and simplicity with which you conduct yourself in spite of being a great personality yourself. May you guide us all in a similar manner in the future too. Date : 22/9/2005
Nita Nazir
I hope you & your family are well. Once again, your prediction was right, there is new hope in the world with Barrack Obama God is Great.
Nitesh Rathi from Washim
I am very much satisfied by the details predicted about me and my family. 6th May 2019
Nitesh Satishkumar Rathi
Its an amazing experience. Got all the problems solved. fell good .want to visite soon for more issues. awesome experience thanks for guiding us in a right way. 13th July, 2017
Nitin Jairam Kankare
Mala Gurujini sangiitle hote ki tula pahela mulga hail . Tya veli maja patnila 8 - 9 va mahina chalu hota va me ektach aalo hoto. he goshta khari tharli mala ek mulgach jhala . Gurujini sangitlele khare tharle ( 10th March 2018 )
Nitin Kankate
Aaj shri gurujin che darshan aani margadarshana cha amrut yog julun aala. khup divsan pasunachi icha aaj purna jhali gurujina bhetun kharokar khup aanand jhala Jya margadarshana chi apeksha hoti tya peksha anek patine sundar changle margadarshan milale. ( 27th October 2018 )
Nivedita  Raina
Came to know Panditji through my friend Ms. Ameeta Bhatia, was very happy interacting with him felt very positive talking to him eased my mind to a large extent. I hope that whatever he said regarding daughter is fulfilled; eager to meet him again. -- 19/3/2016
Nivedita Mali
I have been visiting Panditji from 2008 and since then No decision of my family has been taken place without consulting him. Each and every prediction from him has come true like magic. We have been very fortunate to get his blessing time to time. -- 18/3/2016
Nutan  Nevrakar
My name is Nutan Nevrakar. I visited to Pandit Raj Kumar Sharma sir, in the month of January. I approaches for my various problems. I am satisfied about his predictions. I am thankful. I will thankful to sir Pandit Raj Kumar Sharma. - - 17/12/2015
Omkar Khanvilkar
It was very refreshing talking to Panditji. Panditji talks very precise and always up to the point. I like to share that Panditji is a very light hearted guy and a very joyful person. It was very nice meeting panditji . One meeting seen to have change my perseverance altogether -- 15/3/2016
Pallavi Sonawane
I came with lot of hopes here. Initially I was bit tense about how to communicate with Panditji . As Panditji started communicating with me, it added new hopes to my life. I found myself at proper place and blessed by Panditji. The predictions were true with my daily happening s. I am really very thankful to Panditji and hoping something to my life with his blessing. Thank You. 12/12/2018
Pallavi Tinekar
It is almost like meeting someone who knows everything past present and future, without saying anything. And, that is magical. I came to meet Panditji with a heavy heart, but I am amazed by what he says. Am feeling very positive, thank you, Sir !!! 4th May 2019
Pallavi Tinekar
Dear Panditji, It was an honour to have met you. This was my first experience of a professional consultation and it was mind blowing. You have a very positive mind frame that brushes on to us too. Thank you again for your guidance. Hoping to meet soon 27th June 2018
Pandit Shubham
Bahot satik jawab raha guru dev aapka. Aap jaise Brahman devatao se hum logo ki aaj shan hai
Pankaj Mehta
We have all the time best experience. I am getting the precaution advice all the time. -- 25/3/2016
Paragh Prabhu
Panditji many thanks health prediction on Arti's father. As you predicted he has been diagnosed on diabetes for first time. He now will approach doctor to get this treated, under control... Really thankful for your timely guidance. We will coming to you for financial astro guidance on long term basis very soon
Parineeta Jadhav
My name is Parineeta Jadhav. I visited Panditji 6 months back, as I was going through some issues in life and was lost. He came as a guiding light and showed me a path and today I am here. Thanking him for being there with us and believing in us. His prediction of me opening my own centre came true. -- 20/2/2016
Parveen Bhardwaj
Guru ji sab predictions sach ho gaye..great..apana aashirvad banaye rakhen
Pinky Dandekar
It was excellent introduction very humble and suggested as some good remedies over all experience very good 3 December, 216
Poonam Bhujbal
First of all thank you for giving me your precious time. he is complete energy booster. i was so depressed about everything but now feeling relax. 10th June, 2017
Porus B. Patel
Panditji was calm & explained everything in detail. suggested things for my improvement. 12th May, 2017
Praful Maniar
I Praful maniar visited to meet panditji today and i am very much impressed and satisfied. 20, December 2016
Prannay G Sharma
The most humble kind & down to earth astrologer I ever met. The first meeting itself has started changing my life.
Prasad Madiwala
Every time i meet or talk to paditji i feeel very relax and good. Sir is really idol for me 1st December, 2017
Prasad Madiwala
I have got a very good experience after meeting panditji. Sir is so polite and perfect and friendly to express all things Thanks. 11th January, 2017
I was Facing trouble for the last 8 to 10 years & there was lots of court cases in my family Sharmaji told me that this matter will get finished by june 2008 & his prediction has come true.
Prashant Hire
namaskaar , gurujee, dupaharame aapane hamaaree 3 patrika ka adhyaayan kiya , hame aadar diya, satkaar karake aashish pradaan kiya, mai tahedilase aabhaar aur aadar vyakt karata hu . lekin me apne patni kee tabiyatase bahud jyada pareshaan hu . meree patrika ka adhyaayan karake aap ne dosh haran maatr puja bhi rakhava diya hai . yah aapakee vidvataaka aur saral swabhavaka parichay dilata hai . inakee tabiyat kab tak achchhee hogee itanee baat aap bata denge to aapakee badee meherabaanee hogee . tasadee ke liye kshama . dhanyavaad prashant hire, naasik. meree pat
Prashant Lad
I very good feeling and very happy.
Prashant M. Narwankar
Excellent result. Got a positive upliftment in my career the very day I visited Panditji. It has really changed my life economically & emotionally. Proper Guidance with exact detail feel like coming back every time when in need. Frankly anyone having genuine problem in life financially, mentally or anything a right Guru to meet in this age. - Date : 25/2/2013
Prashant Manohar
It's very positive energy spread while discussion as well as very good guidance given by sir. Thank You So Much. 19/02/2019
Prashant varma
Sir's Prediction are very very good . 27th October, 2016
Pratap Bagade
Mi aaj Pt. Raj Kumar Sharma sir yancha kade aalo hoto tyani mala maja aaushavar ( career ) var je kahi sangitle aahe te atishay changle sanitle aahe mala khup aanand jhala aahe me tyancha khup aabhari aahe ( 6th April 2018 )
Pratibha Dalvi
It was great experience we have come hear and taken advice to panditji. It has come true what he had predicted. Thank you very much Panditji. 19th November 2016
Pratik Aiwale
Guruji guidance is very assuring. Gave me many positive suggestions to enhance my confidence. I am glad I visited and met Guruji. 28th March, 2018
Praveen kasar
aaj ka din duaavon bhara laga. laga ke uparavaale kee rahemat baras rahee hai pandit jee ke jariye. ab laga kee jindagee ko disha milee aur pure problam hal ho gae bahot shukragujaar hu uparavaale kee pandit jee se milane ka mauka diya. aur unake jariye rahemat bhejee hamaaree jindagee mein maashaallaah sub acha chalega aise lagta hai - 26 / 8 / 2016
Pravin Bharadwaj
panditji se aksar mulakat hoti rahti hai, Panditji ke aashirwaad se jeevan me bahut sukhad parivartan aya hai. "Jai Mata Di" 23/02/2018
Preet Singh
My experience with Pt. Raj Kumar sir is very excellent. He is such a warm personality. I feel very happy and fully satisfied 1st May, 2017
Prem Andhare
Gurujee aapaka vishesh abhinanndan karataahu aapaki madhyapradesh vaalee bhavishyavaanee ke liye aapane kaaha tha "nek tu nek phinish me congress jitegi ek dam kaateki takkar hogee" ek dam vaisa hi huva aapaka ek ek shabd sach saabit huva aapaki bhavishyavaanee par 100% bharosa karate huye hamane dosto se shart lagaee thee aur ham shart jit gaye
Prem Singh
Today Meeting with Pt. Raj Kumar Sharma ji very good, Comfortable helpful for next year so i am like it with careful listening to panditji and i hope good my future as early an possible 17th November, 2016
Priti Telang
Agar ek shabd me guruji ke bare me bolna hai to unse milke man shanti mili. Jo aaj ke tarikh me hasil karna mushkil hai. jiski khoj me aadmi kya kya nahi karta vo man shanti panditji se milke hame mili hai. (8th Deecember 2018)
Priyanka Singh
Panditji has given a new hope and strength to win over all challenges in life. It is a great enriching experience. Thank you 2nd February 2019
Purushottam Boraste
Got surprised with my perception. And also got proper guidance about my future. Hope all get's well and good. Thanks, Panditji 11/03/2019
Pushkaraj Dande
Panditji has always been accurate with his prediction and has always provided valuable guidance. He goes beyond giving predictions and solutions, and gives crucial life advice which helps in living a fulfilling life style. He never treats anyone like customers but makes everyone apart of his family and treats everyone with great personal attention. It’s always a great feeling meeting him. He is a great life guide and a teacher. I wish him the best and I am very grateful to have met him. 13/12/2018
Pushkaraj Dande
More than the advice given on the patrika, Panditji give me very important life advice and preached about how to live a good life . I am grateful to Panditji. Thank you sir
Rachit Patel (Mumbai)
Hello sir...Namaste...myself Rachit Patel...i watch ur show-bhavishyavani every Saturday...i really feel astonishing how ur every prediction falls in right place.
Raghunath Salpekar
Relationship with Panditji starts and just blossoms up. He gives you for your better with kundali shashtra and you keep moving. I personally experienced positives from his advice. He rates amongst the most respectful personalities that have positive influence in my life and s will be.
Rahul Chopra
Bahut dhanyawad aapka guide karne ke liye. 24 december 2012 ko mere mother ne aapse mere shaadi ke bare mein guidance le the. aapne index finger mein munga pehne ko kaha tha. mere shaadi may 2013 mein poore ho gaye.Thank you
Rahul Deshmukh
Met with Guruji, Great Experiance, real knowledge of jyotish vidya & the way he predict something by challenge, I think it is my destiny. My good luck that I had ashirwaad of panditji. -- 5/4/2016
Rahul Ramesh Varma
knowing about my past & present without even telling was an eye opener to me. I believe, the future what panditji has told is tru and fruitful accordingly. A very true guidance for making my mind and soul focused what and when to do. thank you 4th May, 2017
Rahul Sarode
Khup Divsapasun pandit jina bhetaiche icha hoti ti aaj purna jhali va tyana bhetun khup motha anand jhala tyani sampurna yenarya adchani va kasha prakare sodavaicha yache tyani margadarshan kele va vyavasayat he adachan honar nahi he sarva margadarshan kele tya badal aamhi khup khup aabhari aahot Date: 4th September 2018


greetings from kenya.... i see u on sahara mumbai many times. here in kenya.... and i became the fan of urs ..the way u predict i really like tat just thot to send u hello and greeting
Raja Saheb
It has been my exceptional good future and pleasure to meet you and spend time with you. Also look forwards is spending more time with you and learning More of what indeed is worthwhile. Date : 22/6/2005
Rajendra Jadhav
As per your divine guiadance and gods kind grace everything is fine especially, 1. My sons health: He is in good health. 2. My wife has also recovered well after the operation is performed. Our most concern now is becoming the studies of our son sushant { Date of birth 29.7.1991, Belgaum - karnataka - time 8.10 pm} . As he had discontinued after 9th std and is presently in Belgaum with his mother. All other things you are aware about my son.
Rajendra Mehta
Astrologer Pt. Raj Kumar Sharma has been a boon in my life. I met him when I was suffering from a difficult time at work with no progress. Today, through his services I am in one of the highest levels in my office and all troubles are gone. -- 4/3/2016
Rajendra Navse
Adbhut, Anubhuti, Guruji mhanje shakshat daivatwacha avishkar aahet. prasna, aanandi aani hasmukh panditjincha samor gelyavar aapna eka adbhut yougat aalyache janiv hote. tyancha mukhatun baher padnara pratek shabd ateshay tham pane jivan jagnyace kala va preraadai asto. Panditjin cha darshanane prasanna jhalo aani pudhel jivnacha pravasachi urja milali. dhanya jhalo. 2 February, 2017
Rajesh Gajanan Kokate
Mi panditji raj Kumar Sharma yana office madhe prathamach aalo. Tyanche darshana he milale mi Tv show madhe nehami panditjin chi bhavishyavani aikto ti nehami barobar aste . mi jeva panditji na bhetlo tyaveli jya ghadamodi majhya jivana madhe ghadat aalya tya tashyach mala panditji ni sangitlya mala sarva barobar julal . mala kahi navin anubhavaila milale . mi tyana dhanyavad deto ( 15th December 2018 ) Pranam Panditji
Rajesh Goel
Pandit Raj Kumar Sharma is indeed a messenger of GOD. He is a spiritual as well as intellectual personality. He is very helpful. Thank you so much. 18th June 2018
Rajesh Kansara
Perfect prediction found almost 99% prediction matching with all event happened in past. -- 12/3/2016
Rajesh Pokharkar
Really Guruji is a very brilliant personality having extra ordinary knowledge. His reading about kundali a very perfect. I never seen before this type of personality . I pray to God keep us always around with him. Thanks 23rd January 2019
Rajesh Rai
Panditji is a very pleasant person and extremely insightful. Interacting with him was a pleasure. Panditji needless to say, is a waster, very knowledgeable. Looking forward to meeting and consulting with panditji again. -- 22/2/2016
Rajiv Agarwal
It was an excellent meeting . it was very enlightenment spiritually too. 5th May, 2017
Rajkumar Agarwal
I meet shri Rajkumar Sharmaji I am very much satisfied with his prediction. God May bless him 7th May, 2018
Rajman Sharma
Bahot acha laga, guidance bahot acha hai sir ki progress hove kaise meri aur se shubhecha 17th March, 2017
Raminder Hanspal
Felt very positive after meeting with Panditji. His predictions are very accurate. Listens to all your queries very patiently. 19th March, 2018
Ranjeet Kalate
I was happy and feel very good. After meeting Guruji and Happy with Consulting. Thank You. 25th January 2018
Rashmi Gaikwad
Me Rashmi Gaikwad Mala siranna bhetun khup samadhan vatle, kalaji dur zali. Me tyanchi abhari ahe 9323876173 31st January 2019
Rashmi Saxena
It was indeed a good experience. Panditji made me feel comfortable and guided well to take care of the problems. 29/11/2018
Ravi Nemade
Always feel confident after meeting Panditji. From last 15 to 17 years I am having visiting to Panditji’s place and always get lot of confidence and always faithful all his prediction about me and my family are 100% right. I am always blessed by him. Thanks 27th December, 2017
Ravi Subramanian
It was indeed a great experience meeting Guruji. This afternoon I am feeling really great meeting Guruji. 21st May 2018
Reddy Shivshankar C
Very good all comments observation are very correct. His prediction always comes true.
Reema Sengupta
Feels secure to be guided like this he has shown me a very bright direction in life…very thank full
Renu Singh
very much satisfied and get positive thinking after meeting panditji. he is such a king harted person talk like i met my father 10 February, 2017
Reshma Tayade
Pandit Raj Kumar Sharma ji yana bhetun doka aani man shant jhal. Khup Prashnanchi uttare navti ti milali. Majh nashib khup changle aahe ki majha bhetna pandit Raj Kumar Sharma ji yancha barobar jhal . tyancha aashirwad aahe maja sobat (7th May 2019)
Reshma Tayade
Pandit Raj Kumar Sharma ji yana bhetun doka aani man shant jhal. Khup Prashnanchi uttare navti ti milali. Majh nashib khup changle aahe ki majha bhetna pandit Raj Kumar Sharma ji yancha barobar jhal . tyancha aashirwad aahe maja sobat (7th May 2019)
Rinav Manseta
Extremely blessed to get on opportunity to meet Panditji. He has exceptional power and insight and an aura of the holy person. I thank him for giving me time and guidance 10th April 2019
Rinav Manseta
Extremely blessed to get on opportunity to meet Panditji. He has exceptional power and insight and an aura of the holy person. I thank him for giving me time and guidance 10th April 2019
Ritesh Shah
looking forward to meet again for advise and blessings god bless 11 February, 2017
Ritesh Shinolkar
Feeling nice often meeting panditji my confidence level has increased towards my achievements
Rock Singh.
I was very much impressed when i saw your prediction regarding election etc.
Rohan Sawant
I have found panditj's prediction to be very accurate and haven . I have came again after 6 years , May his blessing be with me. 27 October, 2016
Rohit Agarwal
It was a different type of comment as if he knew us from before. Told us our past and enlightened us with upcoming. Very nicely explained and addressed our concern. I really thank him for en visionary. 7th May, 2018
Rohit Pandit
Panditji is a person with great positive aura . He has been consistent with his predictions we have great trust in him. 24th July, 2017
Roshan Shetty
It was a very good experience and will want my other friends and family to seek his blessing. 30th May, 2018
Rupa Chapagaonkar
Good morning Panditji. I had phoned you some months ago, but i guess you were in dubai. I wanted to thank you. I got married in february 11, as predicted by you to a widower with two kids. He is a very good human being. I have setted down in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai. I am studying Yoga now. Want guidance from you regarding my career. Thank you once more.
Rupa V. Karia
Guruji is an ever charming person. I get very positive energy and clarity about my doings. Thank you. 30th July 2018
Rushikesh Dhuri
My name is Rushikesh Ashok Dhuri. it was a very positive experience after meeting panditji. He predicted each and everything very accurately. His prediction were very accurate. Before coming here i was very nervous but after meeting panditji my all nervousness went away. Also panditji is very positive regarding his prediction. thanks to panditji and also thanks to staff. 30th June, 2017
S. K. Kulkarni
It has been great pleasure in meeting Panditji. I was in a great difficulty and worst path of life. His prediction and guidance of a great value . From the day I have consider his My Guru in my life. Date : 15/6/2005
S.mehta( jodhpur)
Pt.Rajkumar Sharma ji your program is excellent my compliments to u even anchor’s Presentation is great .
Comments given by panditji is very much true to my life.
S.S. Bagawade
maajhya kade shabd naahet Bolayla. divyatvaacha anubhav jhaala mee jevha gurujeencha paayaavar doke thevalyaavar sarv dukhatun mukt jhaalyaasarakha vaatale. 11 January, 2017
Sachin Dashrat Pokle
Gurujina pahelyavar khup samadhan vatle . Tyani kelele Prediction dekhil khup samadhan karak vatle. Ek positive energy aatmasath jhali. Thanks ( 19th March 2018 )
Sachin nawre
Panditji has very graceful personality. in that lik i have seen very few people who gives and so much positive energy moments you see and them . His prediction and suggestions are very correct and effective i personaly experience i am very lucky that i meet panditji 11 February 2017
Sachin Shah
Very much thankful for your valuable guidance and advice. Thank you very much !!! 16th November, 2017
Sadashiv .R. Avtegar
After I came to one Juhu office I feel personally sole satisfaction and Happy in life. Sir has predicted for me very Crystal clear and positive Judgement. Because of respected sir’s prediction, I started my new life. Last 2 years, my court matter was lingering in court reason for get a divorce but finally sir has solved my very difficult problems. Now I am very happy in my life. Date : 18/9/2005
Sagar Salunke
Heariest Congratulations Dear Pandit Rajkumarji saprem namaskaar! aapaka bhavishyavaanee shatapratiya sattv saabeet huyee ... eeshvar aap sukh pooja, samrddhi, svaasthy, suyaash aur deerghaayu pradaan karate hain hee praarthana! !! Jay maataadee !!
Sagar Utagi
Hello Panditji. .you had predicted 3 years ago that there will be crisis in AAP. It's brewing now. Great Panditji..Sagar Utagi Goa ( 19th January 2018 )
Sagar Utagi
Very kind of Pandit ji ti give me a long hearing and enough time. As expected he was accurate and explained things very well. I must say that I'm a satisfied person as I'm leaving his office. 17 November 2016
Sahyadri Kadam
Felt very positive after entering the office and after talking to Guruji very accurate saying and predictions very great full to Guruji for his guidance and advice. 12th March, 2018
Sainath S. Gawari
Bahut acha baatchit hua. Panditji se milne ke baad hame bahut khushi hui ( 17th April 2018 )
Sakshi Khanna
It was an enriching experience. His explaination and honesty is refreshing. And his guidance is valuable. Received the clarity that was needed Thank you very much JAI MATA DI 19/12/2018
Sameeta Khambe
Guruji is one of a kind person. His to the point nature and the positivity he express makes you the best in everything. He is extremely down to earth and patient with each and every one. Blessed to be graced by his ashirwad. 30/10/2018
Samkit Mehta
Felt divine and experienced a positive aura. Some of the predictions which Panditji made were spot on and completely unexpected. I am very happy with my decision to visit here and shall recommend to others as well. 10th January, 2018
Samridhi Mantri
Jai Shree Krishna, Felt nice after meeting and talking to him. He has a very true aura that feels good. Very frank and to the point discussion grateful to meet him today. 2nd May 2019
Sandeep Deshmukh
Pandit ji na bhetun prasana watle . tyane sangetlelya goshte patlya . yapudhe tyancha sampargat rahun kahe vyavastet kam karnyachi icha aahe manapasun tyancha marga darshnakhali karta yeil as vatat dhanyavad. 14 November 2016
Sandeep G. Lele
Really grateful to panditji to get honest guidance. God Bless, Thank you. 3rd April, 2017
Sandeep sawant
Pandit ji,   I see your prediction every Saturday in the Rajmantra. This time, Gujarat election you had predicted in the way that the truth was true, Panditji, you are very happy, all the people, all the ex-poles were telling the BJP one-sided but you were the only ones The thorn in the throats would have been saying that your words came true
Sandeep Shetty
Meet Panditji for the first time. Felt really blessed meeting him. Whatever he said, it was with so much surety and purity will always consult him for all my future problems and situations. Leaving with a lot of positiveness from here. 13th August, 2016
Sandhya Moharir
Namaste sir, We regularly watch your show every sat & sun on Jai Maharashtra channel. We like your show very much, the way you predict things and the trueness that follows. It's very surprising and awesome. It's really fascinating
Sandya More
Mananiya sirancha karyakram khup divsa pasun pahat hoto tv var . aaj panditji na dusryanda bhetnya cha yoga ala . bhet jhalyanantar khup samadhan vatle anmol ase margdarshan milale (6th May 2019)
Sangeeta Gaikwad
I am very happy consultation with sir was so good. Solve all my doubt. 16th May, 2018
Sanjay .K. Patel
I met Panditji on 27th January 2018. This experience was very nice and remarkable.
Sanjay A.Deshmukh
Amazing fully satisfied with panditji prediction.All his prediction have came true for me as well as my family.
Sanjay Kaushik
In comfort Zone. 18/09/2018
Sanjay Morde
Aadharniya Guruji , Majha manapasun tumhala hrudayasparshi namaskar me shri Sanjay Morde vashi yethe rahat asun Shri Prakash More yancha madhyamatun tumhala bhetnyacha yog aala . me swatala khup nashivan samajto . sir la tumchi smurthi karnya sathi majakade shabdach nahit . me kharokharach tumhala bhetun yevda aanandi jhalo ki maja jivnala khup motha aatmavishwas milala . Me tumcha bheticha krupene swatala va maja kutumbala bhagyavan samajto . Tumcha aashirwad va margdarshan aamcha kutumbavar sadaiva rahel he apeksha karto. 26th October, 2017
Sanjay Morde
Aadharniya Guruji , Majha manapasun tumhala hrudayasparshi namaskar me shri Sanjay Morde vashi yethe rahat asun Shri Prakash More yancha madhyamatun tumhala bhetnyacha yog aala . me swatala khup nashivan samajto . sir la tumchi smurthi karnya sathi majakade shabdach nahit . me kharokharach tumhala bhetun yevda aanandi jhalo ki maja jivnala khup motha aatmavishwas milala . Me tumcha bheticha krupene swatala va maja kutumbala bhagyavan samajto . Tumcha aashirwad va margdarshan aamcha kutumbavar sadaiva rahel he apeksha karto. 26th October, 2017
Sanjay Shinde
After meeting panditji and talking to him was a very wonderful graceful experience 7th December, 2016
Santosh Doijode
My name is Santosh v. Doijode. About panditji, I can say very motivating personality, he showed me a right path towards getting the success in the forthcoming life. I salute to his great knowledge. I feel great to get his Ashirwad. Thank you very much panditji ! -- 25/2/2016
Santosh Mohopatra
My experiences are superb with Panditji. The way he analyzed the horoscope it is amazing. 19/03/2019
Santosh Subhash Kedare
Santosh Subhash Kedare Gurujinna bhetun khup anand zala ani mann prasanna zale. 10/11/2018
Santosh wast
This is second time , I visited to panditji.. felt positive and had good vibes. The staff members were approachable and good. 25th May, 2017
Sapna Pednekar
Thank you Panditji for the consultancy, not only for astrology but also for my personal life. The thing which I couldn't speak about has come out, feeling very relaxed. You are someone who can tell that knowledge knows Thank you 22/12/2018
I feel quite surprised at the accuracy of the dates and information given by you. Hope things will go better as you predict... And, yes, I am a very smiling person Thanks again and may God bless you, too.
Satish Krushnaji Bhalerao
Adarniya panditji yanna bhetun anand zala. me pratham talatal keli hoti sainath mule bhet zali. panditjini jya goshti sangitlya tya mule mala farak padla va khup anand zala. me tyanna kevha visaru shaknar nahi. 04/09/2018
Satish Kumar Gupta
It is unbelievable as to how Panditji is able to pierce into the future. I was a non-believer in astrology till a few months back and till I heard about him. A very pleasant attractive personality and a friend who can guide you like a friend. I am very happy to be his friend. Date : 13/5/2005
Satish Shah
It was a fulfilling experience to interact with Panditji. he has tremendous knowledge and was very accurate. With his blessing i am sure we will have a wonderful journey. 29th November, 2017
Saurabh Prajapati
its an amazing experience. i got all the information about us . solve all problem i felt good. to visit soo more one time . awesome experience in one time. Thanks for giving us is right way . Thanks to Pandit Raj Kumar Sharma 24th July, 2017
Savitaa Mishra
Dear Guruji, Thank you for your valuable directions and suggestion. It was a great pleasure meeting you. Looking forward to see you again. Thank & Regards 4th January, 2018
Sawrabh Prajapati
it was amazing experience. i got all the information about us. solve all problems i feel good . to visit soon more one time thanks for giving us is right way thanks to Pt. Raj Kumar Sharma 24th July, 2017
Respected panditji, Thank you very much for relieving on tension by correctly prediction job for my son. Thanks once again. - Date : 2/1/2012
Shakuntla Ingulkar
Panditji thanks for guidance and special advise for my children's carrier today I feel proud for it. 9th November, 2017
Shakuntla Ingulkar
Panditji thanks for guidance and special advise for my children's carrier today I feel proud for it. 9th November, 2017
Shalaka Trimbak Gandhale
I felt very nice, relaxed and tension free. Thanks a lot for the advice and support. 14th July 2018
Shankar Achrekar
I am very much impressed with the right advice and politeness in talking and also answering the question
Sharmila Ghosh
Namaste Panditji, It's truly an honor to follow your Youtube predictions on "Jai Maharashtra," channel, Your delivery style & predictions are amazing!!!!! Namaste! With utmost gratitude. Sharmila Ghosh
Shashank Dande
Very good experience . very Happy many Thanks panditji 11th January, 2017
Shashank Tyagi
I had a great time with Panditji. Most memorable movement in my life. The man with spark and simplicity. Quality time in positive atmosphere which I spent here. Looking forward in future also. Thanks 15/02/2019
Shashikala Trimbak Gandhale
It was a lovely meeting and feeling blessed. We come here very often and our life in on good track now. 25th August, 2018
Sheeja Mathew
It was a very peaceful experience & enlightening. A discussion which travelled through life and future needs. 17th January, 2018
Sheetal Chikne
It was a good experience. Panditji is a very familiar person. They guide us on the right path. Very nice to talk with Panditji. 3rd May 2019
Sheetal Govari
me gele 1 varsha pasun pandit Raj Kumar Sharma yana bhetate aahe. ateshay sundar aani khup sarya changlya goshati tyancha kadun ghenya sarakhya aahet. me jeva pan panditji kade yete teva ek aatmavishwasa nirman hoto aani panditji cha marg darshanane to aatmavishwas dekhil vadhato. khup sare panditji astat pan Pandit Raj Kumar Sharma ji khup vegle aani khup changle pandit aani vyakti aahet. 12 December, 2016
Sheetal Sali
Siranshi bhetnyachi khup divsachi icha purna jhali . Aadarnia siran kadun khupach chan margadarshan bhetle je maja kutumbacha drushtine atishay manache ahe . tyani jivnakade pahanyacha drushtikonacha badalun takla . Mala aaj khupacha prasana vatat aahe Kalji chi jaga aata aatma vishwasani ghetli aahe . Siranchi hasavi murti nehamich aamhala prostahit karo yat shankach nahi . Siranche mana pasun aabhar Date : 1st September 2018
Shilpaa Sharma
His aura is so positive that you have just positive thoughts, and you forget about your problems. His simple yet effective way of communicating is par excellence. May he be blessed forever? Om Sai Ram 8th March, 2018
Shipra Singh
It has been a very wonderful and positive experience. Guruji’s interpretation of the kundli and the shashtra is extremely scientific and very profound. To just meet him and be in his presence gives me immense peace. We really had a fruitful interaction. Thank you.
Shivam Sanjivan Salunke
One word to describe Panditji is GOD. I was afraid I learnt being fearless. Great human indeed GOD. I can say my future is safe. Thanks Panditji 7th June 2018
Shreekant Patil
As you predicted that before 14th April 2007 I will be married your prediction comes true I got married on 12/4/2007
Shridhar Shastry
Super prediction on the state elections. You have a great knowledge
Shridhar Shastry
Very true Panditji. You have predicted a complete change of political fortunes for Rahul & congress almost 2 years ago on Rajamantra. Now everything is turning out to be True. Congratulations to you on such very accurate predictions
Shrikant Joshi
Excellent 12th April, 2017
Shripal Sanghvi
My second visit to panditji, the positivity and guidance shared is remarkable. The broad visit and the simplicity with his prediction is unbelievable. In to days world you have to be blessed to receive such a valuable guidance .26 May, 2017
Siddharth Purav
It was actually great experience to meet Panditji. Nice explained ( 20th January 2018)
Siddhi Bubna
It’s been years I have been searching for a ‘Guru’ or a right Astrology and after meeting Panditji my search ends. I think he can be the best ‘Guru’ mentor to give the best of the guidance in anyone’s life. I am blessed that I came here at the right time and at the important turn of my life. It’s a blessing indeed. 20/04/2019
Singh Duryodhan
Have great respect for prediction on the state election, you have always been firm on your words the Congress will win Rajasthan.MP and Chhattisgarh
Snehal More
Sirana bhetun khup chan vatle tyani aamhala aamcha adchani kasha mule aalya te sangitle va pudhel bhavishyavishai atishay changli aani uttam ashi mahiti dili tyabadal tyanche manapasun aabhar Date : 31st August 2018
Sohil. P. Kusumgar
was a staunch non-believer in anything beside the physical world until I meet Panditji (that’s what I call Shri Sharma) . His in depth knowledge of Astrology made me believe that it is a science as certain prediction and transparent as medical science to those who have and possess such in depth knowledge as Panditji. For those who do not believe in it this is a good place to wake up to the reality of a world beyond what is physical and can be seen. I m sure Panditji will convince you. Date : 8/5/2005
Soumya Shetty
When I meet Panditji I felt like more of then astrology consultant. He likes guiding me so it was very touching, having deep understanding on subject. I felt like I should visit him again. 26/10/2018
Srishti Harshal Patil
On Akshaya Tritiya, I met sir. The experience was great. He not only guided us with his astrology but also told us to do some Yoga and taught the importance of “peace of mind”. Indeed a relaxing and motivating experience. 7th May 2019
Sudhakar Bhalerao
Poojneeya Gurujinchya shree charni vandan. Ya kalyugat satwik, mahagyani Bhavishyakar. Rajmantra ya Live Program dware Rajyatil va Deshatil jo koni shishya Panditjinchya samparkat aala asel to kharokharach khup Bhagyashali aahe. Aani Aaplya jeevnatlya anek prashnanvar atyant sahajyogane to paripurna jhala asel yaat tilmatra shanka nahi. ha laabh mazya jeevnat labhla tyabaddal mi shatashha runi aahe. Guruvina Shishya adhura sadaiva. Guruchya charni vandan - 1/3/2016
Sujata Patekar
Acha margdarshan hota hai guruji se . acha samay ache se pata chala 12th November 2016
Sujit Dongade
Aaj jevha panditji na bhetlo tevha ateshay chan vatle. ateshay shanta pane tyane sarva goshate aykun ghetlya va pratek prashnache tyane vyavastht samadhan kele. tyanche prediction perfect hote. tyane sangetleli pratek gosht confidence deun jate. Bhavapurn Dhanyavad. 21 November 2016
Sumit Jade
This my 1st time i visit panditji his so good in his filled good vibes. very positive about future & approachable person. 25th May, 2017
Sunil Dutt
Pandit Ji...congratulations for your accurate predictions.. Keep it up ..from yours Hometown friend
Sunil Dutt
My Hometown's Shining Star in world Astrology Trade Pandit Raj Kumar Sharma is Very honest, sincere, helpful, well educated, hard worker n god fearing person. May GOD bless him good health, progress n long life without any disturbance ...pray to god from my Hometown Friend for Pandit Raj Kumar SharmaJi
Sunita Ratan tigalpalli
Sir is very experienced person. He has lot of knowledge of Astrology as well as medical science. I am lot of impressed with their knowledge. - Date : 7/2/2013
Suraj .A. Muchhala
I have a pleasure in meeting this Great Personality Mr. Pandit Raj Kumar Sharma, who has always predicted 99% right on politics, share market, gold and silver. We are all benefited with his kind support. Date : 12/5/2005
Suraj .K. Soni
Pleasure of writing in this dairy, the man with perfection. I want to follow his guidance for my whole life. Date : 15/6/2005
Surenddra gupta.
I bow down before you Panditji. I am blessed getting a chance in my life to meet you and sit with you for some time. You have this divine power to foretell the future. You are very nice and down to earth person. I really adore the person you are.
Surendra Upadhyay
Panditji se milne ke pashchat, kafi santushti hui hai. Jo unke dwara marg darshan hota hai. 16 August,2017
Suresh Mahadik
pandit jee se baat karane se hamen nayee ummeed praapt huee. unake maargadarshan se bhavishy mein sakaaraatmak kriya karane ka maargadarshan mila. aaj ka din eeshvar ke aashirvaad se praapt hua. hamaare ghar ke sabhee sadasy bahot hee prabhaavit hue pandit jee kee bhavishyavaanee se. - 19th October, 2016
Suresh Mogal
sir, aapnas bhetun aaj jeevnat phar aanand jhala va jeevnatil anek changlya ani vait goshti samajlya. Pudhil jeevnasathi aaple anmol margadarshan mala aaj milale. sir, aapla khup abhari ahe. -- 27 Feb 2016
Suresh Padovani
Panditji is my pujya Guruji about my personal experience about panditji is prediction regarding job offer date and amount of salary have came 100% accurate three times. More than accuracy of prediction and astrology experience peace, motivation and correct guidance everything from panditji. I wish may god will always keep panditji blessing with us.-Date : 23/11/2011
Sushant sawant
I meet 1st time shri guruji actually lot of questions and problems are with me. Getting all answer with satisfying solution. Thank to sirji for feed back 2nd May 2018
Sushil Tohuja
Dear Sir, It was fortunate to meet you at such short notice. You told me words that I needed to hear from someone confident. You have given me a boost of confident and I am looking forward to it. -- 29/2/2016
Swarnadeepa Matharu
I was stressed and in pain until i came across the most accurate and highly productive astrologer Panditji. He has transformed my life and changed the stress to family peace and happiness. Thank you for your wisdom and knowledge. -- 4/3/2016
Swati Phadnis
Since I have met you everything you predicted has come true, now I am waiting for two big things, one ofcourse the baby and second my business. I can already feel different opportunities come up but they are not quite gelling together. Can you please guide me about the right time and the area that would be most suitable and profitable for me. I keep remembering what you said to Tejus 'Ask Swati to start earning money for the family'. Thank you for you help in the past.
Tanya Saxena
He was so accurate and so helpful. He made it very comfortable and was very honest. 03/12/2018
Tej Kumar Tirdokar
I have been writing Panditji since 2014 along with my son Hitesh. I had very good experience and his blessing increase my confidence level in my bad time. Thanks a lot Panditji see you soon. Very much impressed of your staff kindness. Thanks once again. 16th June, 2017
Tejvir Paintal
Great to meet Panditji again. Very encouraging and positive person, sharp mind, excellent memory and very warm. Hoping for the great results he has forseen for us. 16 August,2017
Trupte Kapadia
Today I met Guruji and my many doubts were clear. I felt so convinced. I got a clear picture of the questions I was having in my mind. It was very helpful and the guidance given by him have reduced my worries. Thanks for proper guidance. 13th July 2018
Trupti Gala
Felt relaxed and good. He is gentle and soothing personality. The predictions he made were accurate. Thanking in Anticipation. 06/09/2018
Tushar V. Gangurde
Me & my Father talked with panditji and i was very interactive & most satisfied session with panditji. Thanks for your valuable time. 7th July, 2017
Twinkle Jha
Today being Thursday, a very Holy Day, after meeting Panditji I felt a positive vibe, came across a positive soul. He’s been super motivating and I am sure his follower from all my heart. Some good lessons learnt today. Going to live my life very positively. Thank You Panditji 01/11/2018
Uday Bandarkar
very nice good experience and positivity . Thank you sir 22nd September, 2017
Umar Shaikh
Mujhe sir se mill kar bahut acha laga me chahata hu ke inke hamesha darshan karu 29th October, 2016
Upasana. Rajani
My world today is peaceful & happy. Thanks to Panditji his words are so true. he reads your mind perfectly
Vaibhav Mule
Amazing person with super nature powers. Feel good factor 18th April 2018
It was Nice Experience -- 16/3/2016
Vatsal Mody
We are very grateful to Panditji for giving us his valuable advice. He was very accurate in his predictions. He was very clearly able to see all the events that have taken place in our lives. 7th February, 2018
Venkat Biradar
Khup Divsa pasun sirana TV var pahat hoto. Aaj bhetanyacha yog aala aani Sirana bhetun khup chan vatle confidance khup vadla sirancha margdarshan milale. (8th March 2019)
Vijay Bharat Tamboli
It's really a pleasure to be connected with you last so many years... Thank You
Vijay Palan
hii, Now with a vision and 100% accuracy. His prediction is 100% true and satisfactory. I met him third time and I am fully agree with his prediction about my past present and future. I could say long live panditji. -- 12/4/2016
Vijay Shinde
I am V.M. Shinde My experience with Panditji is very excellent because all the thing which one talking about my education and health are totally correct. He will talking about my future life I hope its all things are prove as on real life 15th April, 2017
Vijaya Bhaidasna
Satisfied an I am very happy today 4 February, 2016
Vijit Jain
"Very Very Satisfactory when we met him last time in 1977 he gave a time period when i’ll be successful with my visa for us,that was after 19/07/2011 and on 12/08/2011.I was successful in it! "
Vinod & Anita
With your blessing finally, we vinod & anita are planning to get married. our parents have agreed, we want to take your blessing, we request you to kindly give us your appointment. Panditji’s blessed couples
Vinod Ingole
Pt. Raj kumar sharma yaana bhetlyanantr mala positive feel jhale. tyani mala je kahi sangitle te majhya manala patle. Guruji ek vikhyat jyotish ahet. -- 16/3/2016
Viraf Singaporia
Panditji prediction. Sensex 33500 - 32500 Nifty 10500 - 10225 Bullish will cross 35000+ and 10800+ in coming weeks. Book profit regularly before Gujarat election. ??Another feather in the cap. You are genius. 1 November, 2017
Viraf Singaporia
Congrats panditji on prediction of close fight and market recovery. Sensex recovers 1000+. I did not panicked as you said on Rajmantra. Big thank you. You are genius. Viraf Singaporia +91 80821 90753
Viraf Singaporia
Congrats panditji on prediction of close fight and market recovery. Sensex recovers 1000+. I did not panicked as you said on Rajmantra. Big thank you. You are genius. Viraf Singaporia +91 80821 90753
Virendra Jha
The Predictions were surprisingly accurate. In a simple word ‘Miraculous’ predictions fully satisfied. When I met Panditji he made certain predictions about my career growth. At that time I never thought that It will come true. But it happened exactly as predicted by panditji.
Vishakha gaikwad
aadaraneey gurujee pranaam mujhe aapase milakar bahot khushee huee hai. aapane kiya hua maargadarshan aur mujhame badhaaya hua aatmavishvaas mujhe jaroor kaamayaabee dega. aapane mera hausala aur ummeed badaee he. aapaka aasheervaad hamesha praapt hota rahe yahee eeshvar se dilse praathana hai. 6th October, 2017 / 9890657235
Vishal Yadav
I was listening the radio city and come to know bout your predictions for Delhi and Chennai IPL match. It came true. I'm Vishal Yadav, born on 1st September 1980 in Balour (Haryana). Wanted to know when can we plan for our own house, Can I get the best job opportunities for aboard.
Vishnu H. Doshi
Panditji is a very religious personality. The feel of satisfaction came when Panditji met, till now I never got this type of full satisfaction. The great personality The perfect man. 8 August, 2017
Vishwaja s. Gokhade
Thank you so much for trusting me. u give positive energy for my future . kharach bhetun khup aananda aani aadhar milala. parat ekda man purvak dhanyavad 14th June, 2017
Vivek Mathode
Bahut achchha laga. 10th May, 2017
Vrinda Khandelwal
Namaste, Indeed an honor and privilege to have met a very noble soul (Guruji) Mr. Sharma. He comes across as a very kind, compassionate, and very sensitive to the sensibility of other also non judgemental and his power of explanation is unparalleled. The way he analysis the strengths and weaknesses of the horoscope one is only left spellbound. I have traveled all the way from Mhow Indore (M.P.) only to meet Guruji and seek his blessing. I am blessed that all my apprehensions regarding my future my marriage to be, my career and my health have been addressed to my entire satisfaction and more. The entire experience was a blessing as Guruji has given me remain free consultation for 30 minute. I will always remain indepted to Guruji for my lifetime. I pray to god to bless Guruji with his blessing. I am indeed very grateful to Mr. Sharma (Guruji) for his blessing 1st April, 2017

I hope you & your family are well. Once again, your prediction was right, there is new hope in the world with Barrack Obama God is Great.

Nita Nazir